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Remote Mount Instructions Installation - Honeywell HM509VPIAQ - TrueSTEAM 9 GPD Humidifier PRO IAQ Owner's Manual

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Use for mounting to a location other than the supply duct.
Most operation problems are caused
by improper hose installation. Always
ensure an uphill flow when installing
the remote hose, and avoid kinks,
sharp turns, or low spots that could
restrict the flow of steam into the
injection nozzle or condensation back
into the humidifier.
If the remote hose cannot be installed
with an upward pitch of 2 in./ft., a
wetted drip tee must be installed.
Failure to do so can result in back
pressure on TrueSTEAM, which can
lead to duct nozzle water spitting or
leaking gasket. Remote hose must be
supported to prevent sagging or low
Choose a location for TrueSTEAM and the
remote duct nozzle (see remote installs on
pages 6–7).
It should have access for:
• Remote hose installation. Steam hose
must be installed with 2 in./ft. pitch on a
continuous uphill slope.
• Drain. Allow a continuous downslope to the
• Cold water line.
• Electrical circuit rated to your humidifier
(see circuit ratings on page 10).
Funnel or floor drain. Refer to governing
codes for drain pipe size and maximum
temperature requirements.
RemoTe mounT InsTallaTIon
When remote mounting, also follow these critical
steps in sizing the proper TrueSTEAM:
If the steam distribution tube is going into an uncon-
ditioned air space (e.g., attic), insulate the tube to
ensure steam output efficiency:
• Honeywell recommends self-seal pipe insulation
for hot and cold water pipes. Insul-Tube 1-1/8 in. ID
x 1/2 in. wall 25/50 Factory Mutual 062411, flame
retardant added.
The 6-gallon model (HM506) can be remotely mount-
ed up to:
• 5 feet without insulating the steam distribution tube
• 15 feet if insulating the steam distribution tube
The 9- and 12-gallon models (HM509 and HM512)
can be remotely mount up to 20 feet with or without
insulating the steam distribution tube.
Ensure at least 2 in. per foot slope if installing the
remote hose horizontally.
TrueSTEAM Humidification System
Maximum 3 ft.
2 in./ft. uphill
6 in.
1/2 in.
8 in.
Water in

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Table of Contents

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