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Installation Guide
CleanIng and seasonal oR VaCaTIon maInTenanCe
Automatic End of Season Shutdown
Your TrueSTEAM humidifier has the built-in intelligence to shut down when humidity is not need-
ed for an extended period. After 48 hours of inactivity, TrueSTEAM will drain and remain empty
until humidity is needed again. This prevents water from stagnating within the tank. The tank will
refill with water upon next humidity call.
There are a few house-cleaning steps to follow to keep your TrueSTEAM operating at peak
1. Follow steps 1–6 in the Cleaning section on page 23 at least once per year, or when the
"Press Empty" light is blinking.
2. Clear ventilation holes in the humidifier's cover.
3. Clear the water drain tube.
4. Make sure the water tank gasket seal is not cracked or split before reattaching the humidifier
water tank.
5. Check that the humidifier is still mounted level.
Extended Vacation
When you leave on extended vacations, it is recommended you turn off the humidifier's water
supply and turn off the humidity control. When you return, turn on the humidifier water supply
and reset your humidity control to a comfortable position.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents