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CITROEN C4 Handbook page 97

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The wearing of seat belts
is compulsory for all vehi-
cle occupants. Inside the
cabin, the seat belt is the
The airbag is a protection in addi-
tion to the seat belt. Its effective-
ness requires the seat belt to be
Children under ten years of age
should always be carried in the rear
seats. See "Child safety".
The driver and passengers must
adopt a normal, vertical sitting posi-
tion that is compatible with deploy-
ment of the airbags. See "Driving
Never attach anything to the stee-
ring wheel central cover, to the sides
of the front seats or to the vehicle
pillars or roof (risk of injuries should
the airbags deploy).
Hold the steering wheel in the "quar-
ter-past-nine" position: do not hold it
by the branches or rest your hands
on its central cover.
Smoke as little as possible in the
vehicle (risk of burns or injury should
the airbag be deployed).
Do not leave any accessory or
object on the dashboard or between
your body and the airbag (risk of
malfunction or personal injury).
Fit only seat covers that are approved
Do not put your feet on the dash-
board (risk of injury should the front
passenger airbag deploy).
The airbags do not deploy in the
case of a slight collision or an impact
at the rear of the vehicle or in certain
manoeuvring conditions.
The deployment of one or more air-
bags is accompanied by a small
release of unharmful smoke, as well
as by a detonation that is caused by
the activation of the pyrotechnic car-
tridge integral to the system. This
smoke is not toxic but may be an
irritant to persons who are sensitive.
The noise of the detonation may
affect hearing for a brief time.
Vacate the vehicle as soon as pos-
sible after the accident (provided it is
safe to do so). If this is not possible,
open the windows or doors.
Even observing all the advised pre-
cautions, the risk of injury or slight
burning to the head, chest or arms
during deployment of an airbag can-
not be ruled out. In fact, inflation of
the airbag is virtually instantaneous
(approx. 30 milliseconds); then it
deflates in the same time, emitting
hot gases through holes provided for
this purpose. This equipment works
only once. It cannot operate to pro-
vide further protection in the event of
a second impact.
It is imperative to have the system
overhauled in strict compliance
with the manufacturer's specifi-

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Table of Contents