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Opening - CITROEN C4 Handbook

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Fuel tank
A. Opening the fuel fi ller fl ap.
To open the fuel fi ller fl ap, pull at its
notched edge. There is a fuel label on
the inside of the fl ap.
Locking filler cap
Turn the key a quarter turn to lock and
unlock the fi ller cap.
When refuelling, place the cap on the
carrier on the inside face of the fi ller
fl ap.
B. Removing the fi ller cap.
Fuel tank capacity: 60 litres approxi-
Unlock the vehicle with the remote control
or the key.
Press up on the lever and lift the tailgate.
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Spare wheel and tools
Access to the spare wheel
Lift the carpet, then remove the tool
holder to gain access to the wheel.
Access to the tools
The tools are located in a protective
holder in the spare wheel.
If your spare wheel is of different
dimensions to the wheels on the
vehicle, it is essential to use it only
on a temporary basis, and to not
drive above 0 km/h (50 mph).
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Table of Contents