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Maintenance Indicator - CITROEN C4 Handbook

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maInTenanCe InDICaTOr

The maintenance indicator informs
you when the next service is due, in
conformity with the servicing pro-
gramme detailed in the vehicle's
maintenance guide. This informa-
tion is determined depending on
two parameters: the mileage travel-
led and the time elapsed since the
previous service.
D a s h b o a r D
When the ignition is switched on
and for several seconds afterwards,
the maintenance spanner symbol
appears; the total mileage recorder
shows how many miles remain to be
travelled before the next service is
due (in thousands and hundreds of
For example: you have the following dis-
tance left to travel before the next service:
a few seconds afterwards, the total
mileage display appears.
Functioning if the distance to
the next service is less than
600 miles
Each time the ignition is switched
on, and for five seconds, the main-
tenance symbol and the mileage will
For example: you have the following
distance left to travel before the next
service: 900 km.
ignition, the display shows
a few seconds afterwards, the total mi-
leage display appears and the mainte-
nance symbol remains illuminated.
This signifies that the vehicle will be
due for a service shortly.

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Table of Contents

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