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CITROEN C4 Handbook page 44

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M u l t i f u n c t i o n d i s p l a y
Display A
Display C or NaviDrive
this indicates the mileage that can still be travelled using the
fuel remaining in the tank.
When the distance remaining to be travelled is less than about
25 km (approx. 15 miles), only three dashes are displayed.
after resetting the computer, the indication of remaining range is
only reliable after the vehicle has been used for a certain time.
Average fuel consumption
the average fuel consumption is calculated from the last reset
of the computer.
Instantaneous fuel consumption
this is calculated from consumption over the previous 2 seconds.
This function is only available when travelling at over 30 km/h
(approx. 20 mph).
Average speed
the average speed is obtained, from the last reset of the
computer, by dividing the distance covered by the time taken
(ignition on).
Distance travelled
it indicates the distance travelled since the trip computer was
last reset to zero.
Distance remaining
see previous page.

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Table of Contents