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CITROEN C4 Handbook page 32

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Functioning if the service interval
is exceeded
Each time the ignition is switched
on, the maintenance symbol and the
extra mileage travelled (with a minus
For example: the preset service dis-
tance has been exceeded by 300 km.
Your vehicle must be serviced as
soon as possible.
a few seconds after you have swit-
ched on the ignition, the total mi-
leage recorder returns to its normal
operation and the maintenance
symbol remains illuminated.
D a s h b o a r D
maintenance intervals
If your vehicle is used in particularly
harsh conditions, it is necessary to
select the maintenance schedules
for "special operating conditions"
(see the Maintenance Guide) which
consist of more frequent services.
resetting the mileage indicator
to zero
Your CITroËN dealer performs this
operation after each service. howe-
ver, if you carry out the servicing
yourself, the procedure for resetting
to zero is as follows:
- switch off the ignition, then place
the key on position S, steering
- Press control 1 and keep it
- switch on the ignition.
- Keep control 1 pressed until
the zero appears and the
maintenance symbol disappears.
- switch off the ignition.

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Table of Contents