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CITROEN C4 Handbook page 34

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After the first press on control C,
only the top part of the display re-
mains illuminated.
a second press on control C triggers
black panel mode.
D a s h b o a r D
BlaCK panel
(with headlamps on)
This function switches off certain of
the displays, for night driving. It can
be activated:
- either by 2 presses on control C
- or by 1 press on control D if this
control has been programmed
with the black panel function.
The instrument panel continues to
show vehicle speed as well as the
cruise control and speed limiter
functions if these are activated.
If there is an alert or a modification
of functions or adjustments, black
panel is interrupted.
To programme control D:
- give a long press on control D,
- then select the black panel
function on the multifunction
screen using the arrowed buttons
on your radio/CD or Navidrive
system. Validate with a press on
note: the dashboard lighting rheostat
still operates in black panel mode.

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Table of Contents