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JULY 2009




  Summary of Contents for CITROEN GRAND C4 PICASSO

  • Page 1 QUICKSTART GUIde JULY 2009 Citroën C4 PICASSo & GRANd C4 PICASSo...
  • Page 2 1 tHE KEYS to YoUr CAr - there are four buttons on the fob, which release the metal key, switch on the lights for 60 seconds, lock and unlock the car. - the locking button (B) also has some additional features: - Deadlocking the car –...
  • Page 3 3 LooKinG AroUnD tHE oUtSiDE oF tHE VEHiCLE AUToMATIC FUeL CAP - the fuel flap is released by pressing a button on the right hand side of the dash. - there is no cap to unscrew, therefore we recommend you stop filling once the nozzle has cut off the first time.
  • Page 4 4 LooKinG AroUnD tHE inSiDE oF tHE VEHiCLE SPARe WHeeL (eXCePT GRANd C4 PICASSo & eXCLUSIVe ModeLS) - the spare wheel is stored under the rear end of the vehicle. - this is a ‘full sized’ spare wheel, or optional ‘space-saver’ spare wheel.
  • Page 5 (For more details please refer to pages 145 & 146 of the owner’s handbook). C4 Picasso ModUBoX (oN C4 PICASSo 5 SeAT VTR+ & eXCLUSIVe ModeLS) - the Modubox is useful for both inside and outside the car. - it comprises of a shopping trolley and a flexible bag, which can be used independently of each other depending on your needs.
  • Page 6 LUGGAGe ReTeNTIoN NeT (oN eXCLUSIVe ModeL) - on the Grand C4 Picasso there is a high net which can be attached to the roof. - there are several anchoring points in the boot which can be used to position the net.
  • Page 7: Folding Rear Seats

    - Please note, do not leave any objects on or under the seat when folding the seat. - on the back of the Grand C4 Picasso rear seats there are rigid plates, used for bridging the gap between the folded seats and boot, forming a continuous boot floor.
  • Page 8 - the blinds are stored in the front part of the rear windows and need pulling backwards to close them on the C4 Picasso. - on the Grand C4 Picasso, they are positioned in the lower part of the rear windows and need pulling upwards to close.
  • Page 9 5 DriVEr’S SEAt, inStrUMEntS AnD ControLS dRIVeR CoNTRoLS - Before you drive your car, make sure you are fully aware of all the main controls needed whilst driving. (For more details please refer to pages 11 -- 21 of the owner’s handbook). dRIVeR’S SeAT AdJUSTMeNTS - there are several different adjustments which can be made to the driver’s seat, allowing for the most comfortable position.
  • Page 10: Automatic Rain Sensitive Windscreen Wipers

    5 DriVEr’S SEAt, inStrUMEntS AnD ControLS CRUISe CoNTRoL ANd SPeed LIMITeR - the minimum speed for setting either system is 25mph. the controls are located (D) to the left of the fixed-centred controls steering wheel. - rEG is for Cruise Control and LiM is the Speed Limiter. - Cruise Control is designed to maintain one constant speed.
  • Page 11: Automatic Illumination Of Headlamps

    5 DriVEr’S SEAt, inStrUMEntS AnD ControLS AUToMATIC ILLUMINATIoN oF HeAdLAMPS (oPTIoN oN VTR+ & STANdARd oN eXCLUSIVe ModeLS) - once ‘AUto’ has been activated, the headlamps will illuminate either when the light levels are low or if the wipers are activated. - Please note they do not necessarily respond to foggy conditions.
  • Page 12 5 DriVEr’S SEAt, inStrUMEntS AnD ControLS HILL START ASSIST FUNCTIoN - the Hill Start Assist function holds the vehicle on a gradient greater than 3%, for approximately 2 seconds (the time required to move from the brake pedal to the accelerator). For the system to be activated, the vehicle must be at a standstill with the brake pedal depressed Do not get out of the vehicle while it is being held by the Hill Start Assist function.
  • Page 13: Automatic Door Locking

    5 DriVEr’S SEAt, inStrUMEntS AnD ControLS INTeRIoR Mood LIGHTING (oN eXCLUSIVe ModeL) - the brightness of the ambient lighting can be adjusted using the button under the steering wheel on the left-hand side. - the door pockets use motion sensors to switch the lights on. (For more details please refer to page 131 of the owner’s handbook).
  • Page 14: Scented Air Freshener

    5 DriVEr’S SEAt, inStrUMEntS AnD ControLS HeAT ReFLeCTING WINdSCReeN (oPTIoN oN VTR+ & STANdARd oN eXCLUSIVe ModeLS) - Part of the ‘Comfort Plus Pack’ this can reduce the effect of the sun on the interior air temperature. - However due to the construction of the screen, it can block signals from electronic devices (e.g. motorway toll permit).
  • Page 15 (eBd), eMeRGeNCY BRAKe ASSISTANCe (eBA) eLeCTRoNIC STABILITY PRoGRAM (eSP) WITH TRACTIoN CoNTRoL (ASR) - the C4 Picasso comes with ABS, EBD EBA and ESP/ASr as standard. - ABS prevents the wheels from locking when emergency braking, allowing you to steer round an obstruction (the hazard lights will also be activated to warn other drivers).
  • Page 16: Lane Departure Warning System

    7 SAFEtY INTeLLIGeNT TRACTIoN CoNTRoL SYSTeM (eXCePT oN THe 1.6i 16V AUToMATIC & 2.0Hdi 16V dPFS AUToMATIC) - this is a system which enables a very significant improvement to driving on snow-covered and icy surfaces. - Using snow tyres further improves the effect of using this system, and offers a performance approaching that of a 4x4 vehicle.
  • Page 17: High-Pressure Washing

    8 otHEr rECoMMEnDAtionS AUdIo SYSTeM WITH RdS FM/AM RAdIo ANd Cd, MP3 PLAYeR - As well as the standard features of the radio, here are some additional choices which can be made, such as vehicle settings and radio parameters, changing the display screen, darkening the display screen for night time driving, traffic Announcements and playing of MP3 music.
  • Page 18 PLEASE ConSULt YoUr DEALEr. For FULL DEtAiLS oF Citroën CArE For CAr AnD DriVEr, PLEASE SEE tHE FULL MAnUFACtUrEr’S PriCE LiSt. tHE Citroën WEBSitE ContAinS FULL inForMAtion on ALL Citroën ProDUCtS AnD oFFErS AVAiLABLE in tHE UK, toGEtHEr WitH DEtAiLS oF oUr EnVironMEntAL AnD rECYCLinG PoLiCiES. tHE SitE ADDrESS iS: WWW.CitroEn.Co.UK YoU CAn ContACt Citroën DirECtLY ViA CUK_ContACtCEntrE@CitroEn.CoM...

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