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Citroën and total
a partnership of expertise
a partnership for the environment
* Official C0
emissions reduction of 4 g per km (approx. 6 g per mile). Corresponds to a reduction in C0
of 1 tonne throughout the life of the vehicle, on a private diesel vehicle with an average life expectancy estimated
at 250 000 km (approx. 160 000 miles). Source: TOTAL.
** Or 30 L, average quantity of fuel required to fill a tank at a petrol station. Result obtained using TOTAL ACTIVA/
QUARTZ INEO ECS oil instead of a traditional 15W-40 oil, on a CITROëN C4 1.6 HDi, whose average fuel con-
sumption is 58.9 mpg (4.8 L/100 km), travelling 18 000 km (approx. 12 000 miles) per year. Source: TOTAL
a partnership of success
Competitive successes in the national rallies of the World Rally Championship
bear testament to the performance and efficiency of the CITROëN – TOTAL
CITROËN prefers
For 39 years, the research teams of CITROëN and
TOTAL have combined their know-how to offer you
the best engine/lubricant combination available. Cut-
ting edge technology for your benefit. With TOTAL, you
can be sure to have chosen the benchmark oil that best
guarantees your CITROëN's performance and life-ex-
TOTAL oils support CITROëN's advances in fuel economy,
and C0
and harmful emission reductions.
The development of new generation oils specially adapted
for Particle Filters, like TOTAL ACTIVA/QUARTZ INEO
ECS can reduce C0
emissions by a tonne* and save a
tank of fuel each year**.



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