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CITROEN C4 Handbook page 183

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The pre-set stations do not
work (no sound, 87.5 Mhz is
displayed, etc.).
Traffic Announcements (TA)
is displayed, but I do not
receive any road information.
The reception quality of the
radio station being listened
to gradually deteriorates or
the pre-set stations do not
work (no sound, 87.5 Mhz
displayed, etc.).
Cutting of sound for 1 or
2 seconds in radio mode.
When the engine is not
running, the radio stops
after a few minutes.
The message "the audio
system is overheating"
appears on the screen.
The waveband selected is not the correct one.
The particular radio station is not in the
regional traffic information network.
The vehicle is too distant from the transmitter
of the station being listened to, or no
transmitter is present in the geographical area
you are passing through.
The environment (hills, high buildings, tunnels,
underground car parks, etc.) is blocking
reception, even in RDS mode.
The aerial is absent or has been damaged (for
example after going through a car wash or in
an underground car park).
The RDS system during this brief sound cut-off
is searching for a better frequency that might
offer improved reception of the station.
When the engine is switched off, the working
time for the radio depends on the vehicle
battery charge.
The interruption is normal: the radio goes into
economy mode, cutting off in order to save the
vehicle's battery.
In order to protect the audio equipment in
excessive ambient temperatures, the radio
goes into an automatic thermic protection
mode which results in a reduction in sound
volume or stopping of the CD player.
Press on the button BAND AST to
retrieve the wave band (AM, FM1,
FM2, FMAST) where the stations
have been memorised.
Change to a radio station which does
broadcast traffic information.
Activate the RDS function to allow
the system to check whether a more
powerful transmitter is to be found in
the geographical area.
This phenomenon is normal and does
not imply anything wrong with the
Have the aerial checked by a
CITROËN dealer.
Deactivate the RDS function if the
phenomenon occurs too frequently
and always on the same journey.
You have to start the engine so as to
increase the battery charge.
Switch off the audio system for a few
minutes in order to allow the system
to cool down.

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Table of Contents