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Putting A Call On Hold; Table; Transferring A Call To Another Extension - Cisco 7960G - IP Phone VoIP User Manual

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Making Telephone Calls

Putting a Call on Hold


Table 3-4

Putting a Call on Hold
If you...
want to put a call on hold
want to resume a call on hold
have multiple calls on hold
have multiple calls on multiple
lines on hold
Cisco IP Phone 7960 and 7940 Series User Guide
When you put a call on hold, the call remains active even though you and the other
party cannot hear one another. You can answer other calls while a call is on hold.
Engaging the Hold feature generates music or a beeping tone. For this reason,
avoid putting a conference call on hold.
Table 3-4
lists ways to use the Hold feature:
Press the Hold softkey.
Press the Resume softkey.
Use the Navigation button to select the desired call before you press
Press the line button for the line to which you want to switch and
use the Navigation button to select the desired call. Press Resume.
If you cannot use the Navigation button because only one line
displays on your phone's LCD screen, press the line button next to
the call that you want to resume.
If your phone opens a new line when you press the line button, press
the EndCall softkey to return to the desired call.
If you are using multiple lines, to see the phone number for
a call you have on hold, press the ? button followed by the
line button of the call on hold.
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Chapter 3
Placing a Call and Other Basic Phone Tasks


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