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Cisco 7960G - IP Phone VoIP User Manual page 25

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Chapter 1
Introducing Your Cisco IP Phone
Auto-Registering Your Phone Using TAPS
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
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Your administrator may ask you to auto-register your Cisco IP Phone using TAPS,
the Tool for Auto-Registered Phones Support. TAPS might be used either for a
new phone or to replace an existing phone.
You should follow this procedure only if your phone administrator asks you to.
If the phone is not already installed, follow the installation instructions available
in the
"Connecting Your Cisco IP Phone" section on page
After you plug the phone into a port, the phone automatically registers and
displays a number.
Dial the TAPS extension provided by your system administrator.
A voice prompt asks you to select the language that you want to use. Choose
Dial your personal extension number (provided by your system administrator),
then press the # key.
You may be instructed to enter the complete telephone number (including
area code).
Auto-Registering Your Phone Using TAPS
Cisco IP Phone 7960 and 7940 Series User Guide



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