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Removing Personal Fast Dials Entries On The Web - Cisco 7960G - IP Phone VoIP User Manual

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Chapter 5
Managing Your Contacts

Removing Personal Fast Dials Entries on the Web

If you chose an existing entry from your address book, then you can see the
person's nickname (or first and last name if no nickname is available). The
initial M, W, or H (mobile, work, or home phone number, respectively) is
displayed next to the person's name.
If you chose to enter a new phone number for someone already included in
your personal address book (instead of choosing an existing phone number),
you will see the phone number that you entered next to the fast dial code.
If the person to whom you want to assign a fast dial code is not included in your
personal address book, do the following: Click on Fast Dials on the bottom of the
Find/List Address Book Entries page, then click any "Unassigned" fast dial listing
to display the Add a New Fast Dial Entry pop-up window. Follow the above
instructions, omitting Step 3.
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Use the following procedure to remove and entry from your personal fast dial list.
Before You Begin
Log in to the User Options web page. For information on the User Options web
page and how to access it, see the
section on page
"Logging In to the User Options Web Pages"
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