Muting A Call; Putting A Call On Hold; Transferring A Call To Another Party; Redialing The Last Number Dialed - Cisco 8851 User Manual

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CLOUD VOICE S Service – Cisco Unified IP Phone 8851

Muting a Call

1. Press the Mute button
2. To disengage mute, press Mute button again.
Note: If you are using mute along with the speakerphone, lifting the handset will

Putting a Call on Hold

1. To put a call on hold,
2. To resume the highlighted call, you can

Transferring a Call to another Party

1. Press the Transfer button
2. Enter an 8-digits local number / a 4-digits extension number of the
3. Press the Transfer button again or the Transfer softkey.
Note: If you wish to transfer the call to an external party, please remember to add "9"

Redialing the Last Number Dialed

Press the Redial soft key.
Version 4.0
disengage mute function
Press the Hold button
The Hold icon
to green color.
Press the Resume softkey.
before the 8-digits telephone number
will be displayed and the Line button will be pulsed
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