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Using Fast Dials
Follow these steps to assign a fast dial code to a phone number.
Begin by searching for the address book entry to which the phone number
Step 1
belongs. See the
Web" section on page 5-5
Next, click the fast dial icon that corresponds to the appropriate entry.
Step 2
The Add a New Fast Dial Entry pop-up window appears.
Step 3
In the Fast Dial Association area, choose a fast dial code for this entry from the
"Index" drop-down list. Choose any fast dial code number not already assigned.
In the Directory Number Association area, select an address book entry. For
Step 4
example, select "John Smith."
If the phone number to which you want to assign a fast dial code
Step 5
Step 6
Click Insert and close the window.
From the Find/List Address Book Entries page, click Fast Dials.
Step 7
On the line that corresponds to the index (fast dial code number) that you chose,
you will see a name or phone number:
Cisco IP Phone 7960 and 7940 Series User Guide
"Searching for or Editing a Personal Address Book Entry on the
If no fast dial icon is displayed, you have not entered a phone number for
that person's address book entry yet. In this case, click on the person's
name to modify the entry.
already exists in your personal address book—click on the Directory Number
drop-down list to choose the phone number. Choose H for a home number, W
for a work number, or M for a mobile phone number. For example, choose
"W-4321" for John Smith's work number.
does not exist in your address book, enter the phone number in the "Enter a
directory number" field.
Be sure to enter the number exactly as you would if you were to call
that number. For example, include an access code such as 9 or the area
code, if necessary.
for instructions.
Chapter 5
Managing Your Contacts



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