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HP J4850A Installation And Getting Started Manual: Led Behavior

Procurve series 5300xl switches.
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switch module LEDs:
Link and Mode LEDs
for each port
Figure 2-6. Switch LEDs
When the switch is powered on, it performs its diagnostic self test. The entire
download, initialization, and self test process can take up to 2 minutes for a
fully loaded chassis, depending on the number and type of modules installed
in the switch.

LED Behavior:

During the self test:
When the self test completes successfully:
Initially, Power and Fault, and all the switch chassis LEDs are on. Then,
after approximately 30 seconds, all the module LEDs go on as the modules
receive power and code is downloaded to them, the Fault LED goes off,
and the chassis LEDs go off except Power, Self Test, Fan Status, and Power
When the download of code to the modules is completed, the module
LEDs go off. You may see each port LED go on briefly, in sequence, as the
port is tested.
For the duration of the self test, the Self Test LED stays on.
The Power LED stays on, and the Status LEDs on the switch chassis stay
on for the devices installed: one for each switch module installed, one for
each power supply installed, and one for all the fans.
The Fault and Self Test LEDs are off.
The port LEDs on the switch modules go into their normal operational
If the ports are connected to active network devices, the Link LEDs
stay on and the Mode LEDs behave according to the mode selected.
In the default mode (Activity), the Mode LEDs should flicker showing
network activity on the port.
If the ports are not connected to active network devices, the LEDs
will stay off.
Installing the Switch 5300xl Series
Installation Procedures
switch chassis LEDs


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