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HP J4850A Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 66

Procurve series 5300xl switches.
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Diagnosing with the LEDs
The module
installed in the slot
that corresponds to
the letter that is
flashing has
experienced a self
test or initialization
In the slot
corresponding to
the letter that is
flashing, a module
was installed that is
a different type
than the previously
installed module,
and the switch has
not yet been reset.
The modules are all tested whenever the switch is powered on, or reset (through
the Reset button on the switch, or the Reboot or Reset options in the console or web
browser interface), and when they are hot swapped (installed when the switch is
powered on).
Since the Link and Mode LEDs on the module were lit at least briefly, that indicates
that the module did receive power from the switch, but the subsequent download
process failed. Either the module is faulty, or it is a new module type that is not yet
supported by the operating code on the switch.
As Hewlett-Packard introduces new modules for your ProCurve Switch xl, you may
have to update the switch with new operating code that supports the new module.
The documentation that came with the module will indicate which version of the
operating code is needed to support the module. The modules that are supported in
your Switch xl, as of the printing of this manual, are listed on
page 1-10
under "Switch Features". The latest code can be downloaded from the
ProCurve Web site at
First verify the switch has a version of code that supports the module that is
indicating the fault. If the module is not one of the ones listed on
the module documentation to see what version of switch code is needed. Download
the new code and retest the module.
If you have the correct code installed in the switch, try removing and reinstalling the
module. You can do this without having to power down the switch. When the module
is reinstalled, it will be retested automatically.
If the fault indication reoccurs, the module may have failed. Remove the module from
the switch and replace it with another module, or recover the slot with the cover
plate. Call your HP-authorized LAN dealer, or use the electronic support services
from HP to get assistance. See the Customer Support/Warranty card for more
When you "hot swap" modules in the switch slots, if you install a different module
type than the one that was previously installed in the slot, you must reset the switch
so the switch processor can properly initialize and configure the new module type.
The flashing LED informs you that this change of module types has occurred. The
module will not work properly until the switch is reset.
You can reset the switch by any of these methods:
• pressing the Reset button.
• power cycling the switch.
• selecting the reset or reboot option from the console, web browser interface, or
ProCurve Manager.
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