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HP J4850A Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 81

Procurve series 5300xl switches.
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HP Auto-MDIX was developed and shared with the IEEE for the development
of the IEEE 802.3ab standard. HP Auto-MDIX and the IEEE 802.3ab Auto MDI/
MDI-X feature are completely compatible.
If you connect a Series 5300xl Switch twisted-pair port to another switch or
hub, which typically have MDI-X ports, the Series 5300xl Switch port automat-
ically operates as an MDI port. If you connect it to an end node, such as a
server or PC, which typically have MDI ports, the Series 5300xl Switch port
operates as an MDI-X port. In all cases, you can use standard straight through
If you happen to use a correctly wired crossover cable, though, the switch will
still be able to automatically detect the MDI/MDI-X operation and link
correctly to the connected device.
If the port configuration is changed to any of the fixed configurations
though, for example 100 Mbps/full duplex, the port operates as MDI-X only
and the correct cable type must be used. In general, for connections to MDI
ports, such as end nodes, use a straight-through cable; for connections to MDI-
X ports, such as on hubs and other switches, use a crossover cable.
Other Wiring Rules:
All twisted-pair wires used for 10 Mbps, and 100 Mbps operation must be
twisted through the entire length of the cable. The wiring sequence must
conform to EIA/TIA 568-B (not USOC). See the Pin Assignment tables
below the cable illustrations later in this appendix for a listing of the
signals used on each pin.
For 1000Base-T connections, all four pairs of wires in the cable must be
available for data transmission. See "Note on 1000Base-T Cable Require-
ments" on
page B-2
for more information on 1000Base-T cabling.
For 10 Mbps connections to the ports, you can use Category 3, 4, or 5
100-ohm differential unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) or shielded twisted-
pair (STP) cable, as supported by the IEEE 802.3 10Base-T standard.
For 100 Mbps connections to the ports, use Category 5 100-ohm differen-
tial UTP or STP cable only, as supported by the IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX
For 1000 Mbps connections, Category 5 or better 100-ohm differential UTP
or STP cable only, as supported by the IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T standard;
Category 5e or better is recommended.
Switch Ports and Network Cables
Twisted-Pair Cable/Connector Pin-Outs


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