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HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series
Date 2/11/2003
Version 1.1
HP ProCurve Switch 5372xl
HP ProCurve Switch 5348xl


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  • Page 1

    HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series Date 2/11/2003 Version 1.1 HP ProCurve Switch 5372xl HP ProCurve Switch 5348xl...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series Reviewer’s Guide 1. BACKGROUND...5 HP ProCurve Networking ...5 Hewlett-Packard 5300 Switch Products ...5 1.2.1 HP ProCurve Switches Covered in this Guide ...5 HP ProCurve Adaptive EDGE Architecture™ ...6 HP Switch Positioning...7 1.4.1 Positioning for the HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl ...8 1.4.2...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    IP Routing (L3) RFC 2245 Latency Test...31 3.2.1 Copper Gig Ports ...31 3.2.2 100BT Ports...32 3.2.3 Latency Test Comments ...32 5300 vs. the Cisco Catalyst 4006 Tolly Report ...32 4. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION...33 © Hewlett-Packard Co. 2002, 2003 ® ...24 Rev 1.1 – 2/11/2003

  • Page 4

    HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series Reviewer’s Guide ProCurve Networking Web Site...33 5. PRICING ...35 © Hewlett-Packard Co. 2002, 2003 Rev 1.1 – 2/11/2003 Page 4 of 35

  • Page 5: Hp Procurve Networking, Hewlett-packard 5300 Switch Products, Hp Procurve Switches Covered In This Guide, Background

    This guide covers the following Hewlett-Packard switch products: HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl (J4819A) The HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl is a 5U wire speed Layer 2/3/4 eight slot chassis switch targeted primarily at high performance access tier applications. The HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl provides up to 32 Gigabit Ethernet ports or 192 10/100-TX with HP Auto-MDI-X ports.

  • Page 6: Hp Procurve Adaptive Edge Architecture

    HP ProCurve’s current products, including the HP ProCurve Switch 5300 Series. With its HP developed ASICs, the 5300 series delivers a broad range of Layer 2, 3 and 4 features for control to the edge. The 5300 series is cost effective at the edge and can be coupled with the 9300 series core switches or used to create a distributed core in a network comprised entirely of 5300 series switches in a meshed –...

  • Page 7: Hp Switch Positioning

    The HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series meets the needs of the sophisticated access tier implementation. Other switches in the HP ProCurve switch product line cover the needs of the lower end access tier, as well as distribution and core areas of the network.

  • Page 8: Positioning For The Hp Procurve Switch 5308xl, Positioning For The Hp Procurve Switch 5304xl

    The HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl is the same as the HP ProCurve Switch 5304xl, except that it holds up to 8 modules in a 5U rack space, giving it a higher port density and greater throughput than the HP ProCurve Switch 5304xl. For some customers the HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl can also be used as a distribution switch.

  • Page 9: Feature Set Summary, Architecture, High Availability, Prioritization / Qos, Security, Evaluation Features And Benefits

    XRRP Router Redundancy Protocol: Two 5300s can back each other up for Layer 3 interfaces. Failure detection and switch-over can be as fast as 3 seconds. • HP Layer 2 Switch Meshing: Allows fully meshed connections between switches at Layer 2 with all links being used to send traffic. 2.1.3 Prioritization / QoS •...

  • Page 10: Bandwidth Management, Network Management, Availability, Service And Support

    • SSHv2 – secure connection for telnet services • SSL – Secure Sockets Layer for secure interaction between a browser and the 5300’s management GUI interface • Management VLAN – Limit CLI/GUI/telnet access to the switch to a particular VLAN •...

  • Page 11: Architecture, Hardware Architecture Summary, N-chip

    2.2 Architecture 2.2.1 Hardware Architecture Summary The HP ProCurve Switch 5304xl has 4 identical slots, while the HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl has eight. Any of the Switch 5300xl modules can be put in any of the slots. The switch architecture is based on 2 different HP designed ASICs: the Network or N-Chip, and the Fabric or F-Chip.

  • Page 12: Classification And Lookup, N-chip Programmability, Fabric Interface, The N-chip Cpu

    This programmable functionality was originally designed and implemented in the popular HP ProCurve Switch 4000M switch family and was used to give the HP ProCurve Switch 4000M new ASIC-related features well after initial release of the product. Customers with existing units could benefit from the new features via a free software download.

  • Page 13: F-chip, The Master Cpu, High Availability, Ip Routing

    2.3 High Availability 2.3.1 IP Routing IP routing on the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series is done in the ASIC at wire speed by the user defining VLANs and then specifying routing between them. Some of the IP services available are: •...

  • Page 14: Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol, 802.1w, Ieee 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol

    Layer 2 environment. While the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series can perform Layer 3 routing, there is an easier solution in Switch Meshing, which is described in the next section.

  • Page 15: Switch Meshing (lan Aggregation)

    Tree requires links to be available that are not being used for data, letting available bandwidth go unused. Although RSTP and STP are supported by the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series, Switch Meshing is superior since all available links are used between switches. With Switch Meshing, the switch selects the best traffic path for each new destination end-node it learns based on dynamically determined latency on each of the possible paths to the node.

  • Page 16: Xrrp – Router Redundancy Protocol

    5300, making any switch-over transparent to the end nodes. An XRRP interface failure is defined as the inability of the master physical interface in the 5300 pair to be heard by the backup interface. This could be caused by a cable failure, module failure, whole 5300 failure, or operator error (such as a disconnected cable).

  • Page 17: Prioritization / Qos, Priority Queues, Qos Classifiers

    HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series Reviewer’s Guide • If a 5300 Management VLAN is enabled it cannot be defined as an XRRP interface – SNMP management requests to a particular 5300 need to go to that physical switch regardless of fail-over status.

  • Page 18: Ieee 802.1p Priority Support, Diffserv / Tos Support

    802.1Q standard. 2.4.4 Diffserv / TOS Support As mentioned in the Classifiers section above, the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series provide very flexible control of the diffserv (DSCP) bits. Mapping of each of the 64 possible DSCPs can specify an 802.1p priority, as well as a new DSCP for the outbound packet.

  • Page 19: End-to-end Qos, Security, Filtering, Acls – Access Control Lists

    99 Standard ACLs, which are defined as ACLs that are based only on source IP addresses. The 5300 can also have up to 99 Extended ACLs, which are defined as ACLs based on any of the other parameters listed above. Up to a total of 1024 ACEs can be used to specify the 5300 ACLs.

  • Page 20: Static Filters, X – Port-based Access Control / Radius Authentication

    Logging of permitted packets is not supported. The 5300 ACL logging is primarily useful for troubleshooting. ACLs, being a Layer 3 service in the 5300, are only executed for packets that are routed, crossing a VLAN/router boundary. They have no effect on packets that are being switched in a Layer 2 environment.

  • Page 21: Radius Server Accounting, Standalone Radius Authentication, Radius Functionality - Rfcs

    One way to close this shortfall is to use the Port Security MAC Address Lockdown feature on the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series, which is described in a following section.

  • Page 22: Tacacs+ Authentication, Port Security - Mac Lockdown, Secure Shell – Sshv2

    The session key pair is used to authenticate the SSH session. A new key pair is used for each SSH session. Keys are kept in RAM and are lost on power-cycle or reboot. When the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series is rebooted, new session key pairs are generated. With a key pair taking about 12 seconds to generate, 10 keys are generated on boot up and placed in a cache to prevent delays when starting up SSH sessions rapidly in succession.

  • Page 23: Ssl – Secure Sockets Layer, Management Vlan, Snmpv3, Manager Authorized List

    HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series Reviewer’s Guide 2.5.6 SSL – Secure Sockets Layer SSL can be used to encrypt the exchange between a web browser and the 5300 switch when using the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series web GUI. A facility is provided on the GUI interface to generate a self-signed RSA certificate for use during a SSL browser session.

  • Page 24: Port Trunking – (port Aggregation), Bandwidth Management, Ad – Lacp, Cisco Fast Etherchannel

    The HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series support 36 port trunks of up to 4 physical links each. There are 3 ways to configure which ports on the switch participate in trunks: LACP (802.3ad), Cisco Fast ®...

  • Page 25: Vlans, Ieee 802.1q Vlan Support, Gvrp

    VLANs in end user environments is now largely done for network policy or security reasons. For the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series, VLANs are also used to provide entities to which to attach the router functionality. All routing in the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series is defined to be between VLANs.

  • Page 26: Igmp, Network Management, Mib Support

    Configuration of this feature is a single check box to turn it on. The HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series supports IGMP version 3 by recognizing and processing IGMPv3 joins. Version 3 is backwards compatible with versions 1 and 2.

  • Page 27: Rmon Support, Network Monitoring Port, Console Support

    If more RMON groups (such as packet capture) are desired, a RMON probe can be attached to one of the HP ProCurve 5300xl ports and Port Monitoring can be configured. Port Monitoring allows the end user to copy all traffic, inbound and outbound, from any number of ports, even those on different subnets within the switch, to a single destination port.

  • Page 28: Availability, Hot Swap, Redundant Power Supply, Dual Flash, Alert Log

    OS, the switch can be immediately rebooted using the older OS. 2.8.4 Alert Log The HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series, like most other switches in the HP ProCurve line, look for the following common port-based network problems: •...

  • Page 29: Syslog Capabilities, Service And Support, Lifetime Software Updates (best In The Industry)

    The HP ProCurve Switch 5300 Series can send all log entries to a specific server (via an IP address), or send varying severity levels of log entries to different servers. Severity levels supported are: •...

  • Page 30

    HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series Reviewer’s Guide Hewlett-Packard can also provide more broad-based services such as site surveys, installation services, and actual management of the network, depending on customer needs. More information can be found at or by contacting a local HP sales office.

  • Page 31: Ip Routing (l3) Rfc 2285 Fully Meshed Throughput Test, Copper Gigabit Ports, Bt Ports

    These tests show the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series to be wire-speed on all ports simultaneously. The 5300 is the only chassis in its price range that is wire-speed on all ports simultaneously at Layer 2 or Layer 3.

  • Page 32: Bt Ports, Latency Test Comments, Vs. The Cisco Catalyst 4006 Tolly Report

    The latency figures for the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series are low. Latencies this low will not be a factor in general network operation, even with streaming video or VoIP applications.

  • Page 33: Additional Information, Procurve Networking Web Site

    4. Additional Information 4.1 ProCurve Networking Web Site Additional information, including the latest data sheets, design services, white papers, product documentation and support information can be obtained through the HP ProCurve Networking web site. HP ProCurve Networking can be reached at: The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

  • Page 35: Pricing

    HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl Series Reviewer’s Guide All managed HP switches ship with HP TopTools for Hubs & Switches. Prod Description J4819A HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl Chassis with 1 power supply, routing engine, and 8 open module slots J4848A HP ProCurve Switch 5372xl Switch 5308xl pre-configured with 72 10/100 ports.

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