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Yamaha PM5D Owner's Manual Page 56

Yamaha pm5d audio mixers: owners manual.
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Table of Contents
• To select a single scene
Click the line containing the desired scene.
• To select multiple consecutive scenes
Click the first scene to select it; then hold down the <Shift> key and
click the last scene.
• To select multiple non-consecutive scenes
Click the first scene; then hold down the <Ctrl> key (
click each of the remaining scenes.
When you have selected the scene(s) that you want to move or copy,
drag them to the desired location in the other list (if you're copying
between lists) or in the same list (if you're copying/moving within the
same list).
• To copy scenes (overwriting the destination)
Drag the copy-source scene(s) to the desired line in the other list or to
another line in the same list. At this time, a ® symbol will appear at
the right of the scene number.
When you release the mouse in this state, a dialog box will appear,
asking you to confirm the Save operation. If you click the OK button,
the copy-source scene(s) will be overwritten onto the copy-destina-
tion scenes, and the copy-source scene(s) will remain unchanged. (If
the copy-source selection contains multiple scenes, the data will be overwritten onto consecutive scenes start-
ing at that scene.)
• To move scenes
Within the same list, you can move the selected scene(s) to another
location to rearrange the order of the scenes in the list. To do this,
drag the selected scene(s) to a location between two other lines in the
same list. At this time, a
When you release the mouse button in this state, the selected scene(s)
will move to that location, and the scene numbers will also change
accordingly. (If the move-source selection contains multiple scenes,
those scenes will be inserted consecutively at the location you specify.)
Stores the current settings to the scene that is selected in the list.
Recalls the settings of the scene selected in the list.
Clears the scene(s) selected in the list. (The title of the cleared scene(s) will be reset to [ No Data! ].)
Cancels the last-performed scene recall, store, copy, or move operation.
Turns on the Protect setting for the scene(s) selected in the list.
symbol will appear between the lines.
key) and
PM5D Editor Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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