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Using Hp Visualize Fx6 Diagnostic Utility - HP Kayak XW04 User Manual

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Using HP VISUALIZE fx6 Diagnostic Utility

Can I use the MaxiLife feature or DiagTools to diagnose the
HP VISUALIZE fx6 video board?
No, you cannot. Even though the MaxiLife feature checks for
the presence of a VGA controller, it cannot test the fx6 video
board in the AGP slot. Moreover, the complex tests required for
the fx6 video board are too large to be included in DiagTools.
To test the HP VISUALIZE fx6 video board, use the diagnostics utility that
has been developed for this board. Refer to
Utility" on page
12, for details on how to use and obtain this utility.
The utility runs an in-depth test of the graphics ASICS, frame buffer and
texture memory. It is also backward compatible with the HP VISUALIZE fx4
video board.
To run the VISUALIZE fx6 test, the system must be running under Windows
NT in VGA mode. If you are in the normal Windows NT mode, you will need
to reboot the PC workstation, and select 'Windows NT VGA mode' during
The results of each test are displayed as either PASS or FAIL on the right-
hand side of the HP Visualize Graphics Hardware Diagnostics dialog box. A
status bar and window informs you which test is being carried out.
Using HP VISUALIZE fx6 Diagnostic Utility
"HP VISUALIZE fx6 Diagnostics



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