HP XW9400 Hardware Setup Manual
HP XW9400 Hardware Setup Manual

HP XW9400 Hardware Setup Manual

Autodesk visual effects and finishing 2009 edition
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 © 2008 Autodesk, Inc./Autodesk Canada Co. All rights reserved. Except as otherwise permitted by Autodesk, Inc./Autodesk Canada Co., this publication, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form, by any method, for any purpose. ® ® ® ® ®...
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  • Page 5 © © Portions relating to libtiff are Copyright 1988-1997 Sam Leffler. Copyright 1991-1997 Silicon Graphics, Inc. Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that (i) the above copyright notices and this permission notice appear in all copies of the software and related documentation, and (ii) the names of Sam Leffler and Silicon Graphics may not be used in any advertising or publicity relating to the software without the specific, prior written permission of Sam Leffler and Silicon Graphics.
  • Page 6 OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE REGARDING THESE MATERIALS. Published by: Autodesk, Inc. 111 Mclnnis Parkway San Rafael, CA 94903, USA Title: Autodesk Visual Effects and Finishing 2009 HP xw9400 Hardware Setup Guide Document Version: 2 Date: September 25, 2008...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents Chapter 1 Introduction ......1 About This Guide ......1 Related Documentation .
  • Page 8 Connecting the Keyboard, Mouse, and Tablet ....23 Network Connections ......23 Connecting to Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Networks .
  • Page 9: Chapter 1 Introduction

    , Autodesk Backdraft Conform). If you already own an HP xw9400 workstation that shipped with a previous release of a Visual Effects and Finishing application, you normally do not need to change its configuration. But you do need to verify its BIOS and firmware settings.
  • Page 10: Related Documentation

    NOTE In most cases, both hardware setup and application installation is done on delivery by an authorized technician, so you may not need to perform some of the procedures in these guides. Related Documentation This release has documentation that helps you install, configure, and use the software.
  • Page 11: Contacting Customer Support

    Contacting Customer Support For contact information for Autodesk Media and Entertainment Customer Support, consult your release notes, or visit http://www.autodesk.com/support. Customer support is also available through your Autodesk reseller. To find a reseller near you, consult the reseller look-up database at http://www.autodesk.com/resellers.
  • Page 13: Chapter 2 Getting Started

    Getting Started Topics in this chapter: Workflow for Hardware Setup and Application Installation on page 5 Hardware Configuration Guidelines on page 6 BIOS and Firmware on page 10 Workflow for Hardware Setup and Application Installation The following procedure provides the general workflow for installing an Autodesk Visual Effects and Finishing application on a workstation.
  • Page 14: Hardware Configuration Guidelines

    4 Connect a VTR and a broadcast monitor to your workstation. See Setting Up Video Hardware on page 27. 5 Set up the audio hardware. See Setting Up Audio Hardware on page 39. 6 Perform the procedures in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 4, Update 3 Installation and Configuration Guide to install your operating ®...
  • Page 15: Memory Requirements

    Audio grounding Memory Requirements The HP xw9400 supports up to 16 GB of memory, and uses DDR2-667 ECC Registered / Unbuffered DIMMs. The amount of memory required for your Autodesk Visual Effects and Finishing system depends on the resolution of your projects, the type of work you perform and, in some cases, the platform on which you are running the application.
  • Page 16: Power And Air Conditioning Requirements

    The following table summarizes the peak (at startup) power consumed by the HP xw9400 system and the heat it generates under the maximum processing load produced by your Visual Effects and Finishing application. For detailed specifications, including noise output, see the documentation provided by the manufacturer.
  • Page 17: Rack Mount Requirements

    You can rack mount your Visual Effects and Finishing system. Plan for sufficient space in your rack mount chassis to install the following components: An HP xw9400 system An AJA OEM-2K breakout box A Miranda DVI-Ramp2, if your workstation uses one ®...
  • Page 18: Grounding Audio Hardware Components

    Do not handle any components unnecessarily, particularly boards and cards that slide in and out of PCI slots on their parent hardware components. Grounding Audio Hardware Components It is important to properly ground your audio components. Otherwise, you may have ground loops, or humming in the system. To ensure audio components are properly grounded, use the XLR-3 cables shipped with your system.
  • Page 19 version on your system does not correspond to the table below, you must update to the certified version. Visual Effects and Finishing Certified BIOS Version Application Version 2009 3.05 Updating Your System BIOS The BIOS version installed on your system appears on the screen while booting the workstation.
  • Page 20 7 Optional: Press F8 to select a language. ® 8 Select File | Flash System ROM. The Select a Drive dialog box appears. 9 Select CD-ROM, and press F10 to confirm. 10 Select the .bin file. The Flash System ROM confirmation dialog box appears. 11 Press F10 to confirm.
  • Page 21: Dvi-Ramp Firmware

    BIOS Menu Item Value Chipset / Memory, Memory Enable Node Interleave Chipset / Memory, PCI Serr# Enable Generation Chipset / Memory, Net Watch- Enable dog Timer Chipset / Memory, ACPI Bus Disabled Segmentation Chipset / Memory, HPET Enabled Device Options, S5 Wake on LAN Disabled ®...
  • Page 22 1 With the DVI-Ramp connected to your workstation and powered up, open a terminal, and log in as root. WARNING If your DVI-Ramp is connected to the HP workstation using a USB-to-Serial adapter, you must remove the adapter from the USB port, and connect the serial cable of the DVI-Ramp to the serial port of the workstation.
  • Page 23 TIP If the DKU has already been installed on the workstation, you can access its contents in the /usr/discreet/DKU directory, without having to use the application DVD. 4 Run the info command to scan the DVI-Ramp's current firmware. Type: ./info The output is similar to the following example: Versions: Hardware = <Hardware Version>...
  • Page 24: Aja Oem-2K Pci-X Firmware

    DVI-Ramp appears in the terminal. 4 If you had to remove the USB-to-Serial adapter, reconnect the serial cable to the adapter, then put the adapter back in the USB port. Restart the HP workstation. AJA OEM-2K PCI-X Firmware System configuration is done prior to delivery by an authorized technician.
  • Page 25 To verify the AJA PCI-X firmware version: 1 Open a terminal, and type: cat /proc/driver/aja An output similar to the following should appear: AJA Driver Name: oem2k Version: 4.1 Beta 11 Card #: 0 Board Version String: OEM 2K - Rev 0 PCI Version: 0x55 Board ID: 10196500 FPGA built on 2007/09/18 at 10:57:41...
  • Page 26 TIP If the DKU has already been installed on the workstation, you can access its contents in the /usr/discreet/DKU directory, without having to use the application DVD. 4 Run the AJAfw_update utility to scan the AJA current firmware and, if required, update to the latest firmware version.
  • Page 27: Chapter 3 Connecting Peripherals

    You must connect all hardware peripheral devices before you boot your workstation. The following two diagrams identify the ports to which the peripherals connect on the HP xw9400 workstation: The first diagram illustrates the peripherals setup for an HP xw9400 ® ®...
  • Page 28 PCI slot four. Your workstation may also be configured with an optional QuickSilver InfiniSERV 9000 PCIe-DDR adapter that replaces the GigE adapter. On the HP xw9400 workstation, the PCI slots are numbered one to seven from top to bottom.
  • Page 29 HP xw9400 Workstation with DVI-Ramp To house network To DVI-Ramp2 control To keyboard, mouse, USB tablet To storage NVIDIA graphics to DVI-Ramp2 To Wire network (Infiniband option available) AJA OEM-2K Graphics monitor sync reference output Peripherals Connection Diagrams | 21...
  • Page 30 HP xw9400 Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro SDI To house network To keyboard, mouse, USB tablet To storage NVIDIA graphics Wire/Infiniband AJA OEM-2K NVIDIA SDI2 22 | Chapter 3 Connecting Peripherals...
  • Page 31: Connecting The Keyboard, Mouse, And Tablet

    Connecting the Keyboard, Mouse, and Tablet Connect the keyboard, mouse, and tablet to the USB extender and the workstation before booting the workstation and before installing the application. ® The Wacom Intuos USB tablet is shipped with your system. All customization with respect to the tablet, including setting tablet margins, should be done in the Preferences menu of your application.
  • Page 32: Connecting Storage

    IB Network. To connect the workstation to IB network: 1 Connect port 1 of the IB network adapter to the IB network. On the HP xw9400 workstation Port 1 is the port on the right. For information on how to configure the IB adapter, refer to the Autodesk Stone and Wire Filesystem and Networking Guide.
  • Page 33: Configuring The Archiving Device

    Fibre channel devices that use standard UNIX tape device calls. The fibre channel devices that may be used are the ones for which the vendor confirms the following: The device driver is compliant with standard UNIX tape device calls. The device is certified for use with the specific versions of your operating system and kernel, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 4.0, Update 3.
  • Page 35: Setting Up Video Hardware

    Video I/O Setup Use the information and wiring diagrams in this section to connect the video I/O components and a broadcast monitor to the HP xw9400 workstation. Depending on the video preview device the workstation is equipped with, and on whether the Real-Time Deliverables (RTD) feature will be used or not, there...
  • Page 36: Video I/O Setup For Workstations Using A Dvi-Ramp2

    wiring diagram in Video I/O Setup for Workstations Using the NVIDIA Quadro SDI Board on page 31. For workstations equipped with a NVIDIA Quadro SDI board as a video preview device, and with support for Real-Time Deliverables, see the second wiring diagram in Video I/O Setup for Workstations Using the NVIDIA Quadro SDI Board...
  • Page 37 It serves the sync signal to the NVIDIA graphics board, the AJA OEM-2K board, and the Miranda DVI-Ramp2. Use the following diagram to connect the video I/O components to an HP xw9400 workstation equipped with a Miranda DVI-Ramp2.
  • Page 38 HP xw9400 Workstation with DVI-ramp SD/HD SDI IN 2 SD/HD SDI IN 1 HD/SDI Monitor (not included) Graphics Monitor DVI Active Cable 75 Ohm Terminator SD/HD Miranda DVI Ramp 2 USB port REF IN SD/HD SDI OUT A SD/HD SDI IN...
  • Page 39: Video I/O Setup For Workstations Using The Nvidia Quadro Sdi Board

    Real-Time Deliverables feature. Refer to the following diagrams to connect the video I/O components to an HP xw9400 workstation equipped with a NVIDIA Quadro SDI board. Note the following about the wiring diagrams: The output port and, if Real-Time Deliverables are not used, input port of the VTR connect to the SDI In A and SDI Out A ports of the AJA breakout box.
  • Page 40 WARNING It is critical to connect the sync source to the appropriate connector on the SDI board, exactly as shown in the diagrams. HP xw9400 with NVIDIA SDI, without RTD support SD/HD SDI IN 2 SD/HD SDI IN 1 SD/HD/SDI Monitor...
  • Page 41 HP xw9400 with NVIDIA Quadro SDI, for RTD SD/HD SDI Link B, to VTR (for dual link) SD/HD SDI Link A, to VTR SD/HD SDI IN 2 OUT 1 INPUT SD/HD SDI IN 1 OUT 2 SD/HD/SDI Monitor (not included)
  • Page 42: Standard Vtr Control Cable Pinout

    Standard VTR Control Cable Pinout The following diagram depicts the RS-422 control cable pinouts for the standard VTR control cable. Standard VTR Control Cable: Linux(AJA) Controlling VTR (Normal Video I/O Control Cable) Linux(AJA) OEM-2K: MALE DB9 MALE DB9 OEM-LH: FEMALE DB9 RS-422 2 - RX - 2 - TX -...
  • Page 43 The following procedure describes how to configure the hardware for VTR emulation. Consult the VTR Emulation” chapter in your application User Guide for more information. To configure hardware for VTR emulation: 1 Connect the video I/O cables between the devices involved in the VTR emulation process (out-to-in/in-to-out).
  • Page 44: Vtr Emulation Rs-422 Control Cables

    VTR Emulation RS-422 Control Cables Custom cables are required to control the VTR emulator. The pinouts required by the cable depend on the workstation and device involved in the VTR emulation process. The following diagrams depict the control cable pinouts required for the most common VTR emulation setups.
  • Page 45 VTR-Emulation Control Cable: SGI® to/from Linux(AJA) — one master, one emulator Linux(AJA) OEM-2K: MALE DB9 FEMALE DB9 OEM-LH: FEMALE DB9 RS-422 3 - TX - 2 - RX - P AIR1 7 - RX + 4 - TX + 8 - TX - 2 - RX - P AIR2 3 - TX +...
  • Page 46 VTR-Emulation Control Cable: 3rd-Party Device Master Controlling Linux (AJA) Emulator Linux(AJA) Emulator 3rd-Party Device Master OEM-2K: MALE DB9 MALE DB9 OEM-LH: FEMALE DB9 RS-422 2 -RX - 8 -TX - PAIR 1 7 -RX + 3 -TX + 8 -TX - 2 -RX - PAIR 2 3 -TX+...
  • Page 47: Setting Up Audio Hardware

    Setting Up Audio Hardware Topics in this chapter: About Audio on page 39 Audio Wiring Workflow on page 39 Audio Hardware Components on page 40 Understanding Remote vs. Local Control of the Lucid Converter on page 41 Audio Wiring on page 41 Configuring the Lucid ADA 88192 Converter on page 43 Audio Keywords in the Software Initialisation Configuration File...
  • Page 48: Audio Hardware Components

    To wire the audio subsystem: 1 Ensure that all of your workstation peripherals and video hardware components are properly connected. If necessary, refer to Connecting Peripherals on page 19 and Setting Up Video Hardware on page 27. 2 Verify that you have all the required audio hardware components. See Audio Hardware Components on page 40.
  • Page 49: Understanding Remote Vs. Local Control Of The Lucid Converter

    If you want to control the converter remotely, you must connect the converter to the serial port of the HP xw9400 workstation. Local control means you adjust converter settings manually, using the controls on the front of the converter.
  • Page 50 RS 422A RS 422C AES/EBU Audio Video MonitorOut RS-422 Y/G/CVBS Pb/B/Y Pr/R/C AUDIO WC lk CVBS RS.422B RS.422D DIGIT AL A UDIO Ch. 1/2 In Ch. 3/4 In Ch. 5/6 In Ch. 7/8 In Ch. 1/2 Out Ch. 3/4 Out Ch.
  • Page 51: Configuring The Lucid Ada 88192 Converter

    Configuring the Lucid ADA 88192 Converter You must manually configure the Lucid converter for either remote or local control. This section describes how to use the controls on the front of the converter to adjust settings, and lists the proper settings for remote control and for local control.
  • Page 52: Lucid Ada 88192 Converter Settings For Remote Control

    2 In the Miscellany menu, select Defaults: RESET. All settings are reset to their factory defaults. NOTE The factory default for the items in the AES setup menu is SRC ON. Both local and remote control require these items to be set to SRC OFF. If you reset to defaults, be sure to manually set these items back to OFF (you cannot adjust these settings remotely).
  • Page 53: Lucid Ada 88192 Converter Settings For Local Control

    Lucid ADA 88192 Converter Settings for Local Control You must configure the following settings to control the converter locally. Any setting not listed here either has no effect with the application or can be set to any of the values available for it. Menu Menu Item Comment...
  • Page 54: Audio Keywords In The Software Initialisation Configuration File

    Menu Menu Item Comment System Route Unit: 8 Miscellany Audio Keywords in the Software Initialisation Configuration File There are two keywords in the software initialisation file (by default, init.cfg) that must be uncommented and set to the correct values to ensure Discreet Native Audio works properly.
  • Page 55: Index

    Index Graphics monitor air conditioning, requirements AJA BOB 28, 31 AJA breakout box 28, 31 hardware configuration guidelines AJA HD10DA AJA OEM-2K board 28, 31 Altinex DA1804NT audio initialisation file keywords, audio Discreet Native Audio hardware components keywords in software initialisation file wiring workflow keyboard, connecting...
  • Page 56 Quadro 5500G video hardware components Quadro FX 5600 video I/O, wiring VTR emulation, setting up SDI board software initialisation file, audio Wire network, connecting to keywords wiring video I/O and broadcast monitor workflow, audio wiring workflow, hardware setup and software installation 5, 11 tablet, connecting...

Table of Contents