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Complete The Questionnaire To Check Your Understanding; To Check Your Understanding - HP Kayak XW04 User Manual

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Complete the Questionnaire

to Check Your Understanding

Circle each letter that corresponds to a correct answer. (There may be more
than one correct answer to each question).
1 How can I check if the texture memory module is installed?
a Visually check the HP VISUALIZE fx6 video board to see if the texture
memory module is installed.
b Check the Display Properties dialog box to see if texture module is
c Press the
key during boot to enter the summary screen. The video
memory option will display either "Installed", or "Not Installed".
2 How is the texture memory module detected by the HP VISUALIZE fx6
a It is detected automatically by the driver when the system is booted.
b It is not detected automatically. You have to select texture memory
module from the displayed list in the Display Properties dialog box.
3 Which of the following statements about drivers is (are) correct?
a The most recent drivers are available on the HP World Wide Web site.
b There is one standard driver that covers both the HP VISUALIZE fx6
and the VISUALIZE fx4.
c The OpenGL video driver will detect the applications being used and
configure itself automatically to give optimal performance.
d Online help is available for the options in the video driver applet.
4 What should you do if you have video problems?
a Run the DiagTools diagnostics utility.
b Use the preinstalled diagnostics utility on the hard disk drive for the
HP VISUALIZE fx6 video board.
c Refer to the HP VISUALIZE fx6 Configuration and Troubleshooting
Guide on the WEB site.

Complete the Questionnaire to Check Your Understanding



Table of Contents

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