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Pc workstation
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5 How can I tell the difference between the HP VISUALIZE fx6 video
board and the HP VISUALIZE fx4 video board?
a The rear panel is different.
Also, on the HP VISUALISE fx6 video board, there is a strengthening
bracket which does not exist on the HP VISUALIZE fx4 video board.
b Check the part number on the main part of the video board.
This is shown on the main PCB board (refer to
6 Is the texture memory module for the HP VISUALIZE fx6 video board
compatible with the HP VISUALIZE fx4 video board?
b No, it isn't. Only the 32 MB SDRAM texture memory module
(D6795A) can be used on the HP VISUALIZE fx6 video board (refer
7 Before installing or replacing a component, do I need to use a wrist
strap and ESD mat?
a Yes, you do. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can damage processors,
memory, hard disk drives, accessory boards and other components
(refer to
The ESD package is conductive and is easy to recognize from its label. Do
not take the new component out of its ESD package before connecting
your wrist strap and ESD mat to a suitably earthed point. Also, do not
forget to use the ESD package provided with the new part to return the
old one.


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