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Mixing HP VISUALIZE OpenGL Drivers

Mixing HP VISUALIZE OpenGL Drivers
The HP VISUALIZE fx6 and fx4 OpenGL drivers have a similar
naming convention. Does that mean that they can be mixed?
No, it doesn't. Even though the two driver names are
similar, there is one figure (number 1) that is different. They
are not compatible, and cannot be mixed.
When downloading an OpenGL driver from the HP World Wide Web site,
ensure that you have selected the driver that is appropriate for the video
FX.00.01.XX for the HP VISUALIZE fx6.
FX.00.00.XX for the HP VISUALIZE fx4.
If you do install the incorrect driver, you will not receive any error messages
during the installation, but when the system is rebooted, the screen will
remain in VGA mode.


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