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HP Kayak XW04 User Manual page 18

Pc workstation
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Complete the Questionnaire to Check Your Understanding
5 How can I tell the difference between the HP VISUALIZE fx6 video
board and the HP VISUALIZE fx4 video board?
a The rear panel is different.
b Check the part number of the video board.
c There are no physical differences between the two boards. Check the
driver version. This is done by selecting the About tab in the Display
Properties dialog box.
6 Is the texture memory module for the HP VISUALIZE fx4 video board
compatible with the HP VISUALIZE fx6 video board?
a Yes, it is. However, you will need to obtain the most recent drivers from
the HP World Wide Web site.
b No, it isn't. Only the 32 MB SDRAM texture memory module (D6795A)
can be used on the HP VISUALIZE fx6 video board.
c Yes, it is. However, the terminator must be installed in the second
7 Before installing or replacing a component, do I need to use a wrist
strap and ESD mat?
a Yes, you do. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can damage processors,
memory, hard disk drives, accessory boards and other components.
b No, you do not have to. The ESD package is non-conductive.


Table of Contents

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