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Data projector
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Projection of Data from USB Memory or a Memory Card without a Computer:
USB memory or a memory card (using a commercially available USB card reader) can be connected
directly to the projector's USB-A port. The projector comes with special software for converting
PowerPoint presentation data to a format that can be stored to USB memory or a memory card and
projected without using a computer. Images and movies also can be projected directly from USB
memory or a memory card.
Interactive Pointing Function:
You can use a separately available interactive pointer (YA-P10) to draw lines and figures directly on
an image being projected by the projector from a connected computer. You can also use the
pointer to perform mouse operations.
Multi Projection Camera (YC-400, YC-430) Connection:
A CASIO Multi Projection Camera can be connected directly to the projector's USB-A port for fine
resolution projection of documents and other images. Document camera capabilities allow
projection of data without going through a computer.
Graphic Scientific Function Calculator Connection:
Certain CASIO graphic scientific calculator models can be connected directly to the projector's
USB-A port for projection of the calculator screen contents.
Projection of Computer Screen Contents via Wireless LAN:
The projector comes with a wireless LAN adapter. After a wireless LAN connection is established,
the contents of the computer screen can be sent to the projector for projection.
Support for Wireless projection from MobiShow:
You can install AWIND's MobiShow (client software for wireless connection to a projector) on a
smartphone or mobile terminal, and then use the projector to project photographs and presentation
files stored in the smartphone or terminal memory.
* Note that the type of terminal and the MobiShow version can limit certain functions or can even
make projection impossible.
Projector operation via wired or wireless LAN:
Remote control of the projector is supported via a wired connection to the LAN port on the back or
the projector or via wireless LAN.

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