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Periodically clean the projector exterior, lens, intake vents, and intake-exhaust vents on a regular
Before cleaning the projector, be sure to unplug it from the power outlet and make sure it is
cooled down completely.

Cleaning the Projector Exterior

Wipe the exterior of the projector with a soft cloth that has been moistened in a weak solution of water
and a mild neutral detergent. Be sure to wring all excess moisture from the cloth before wiping.
Never use benzene, alcohol, thinner, or any other volatile agent for cleaning.

Cleaning the Lens

Carefully wipe the lens with a commercially available lens cloth or optical lens paper, like those for
eyeglasses or camera lenses. When cleaning the lens, do not apply undue force and take care to avoid
damaging the lens.

Cleaning the Vents

Dust and dirt tend to collect around the vents. Because of this, you should use a vacuum cleaner to
clean away accumulated dust and dirt periodically as shown below.
Continued use of the projector after dust has accumulated around the vents can cause
overheating of internal components and lead to malfunction.

Cleaning the Projector


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