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Selecting The Color Mode; Zooming An Image - Casio XJ-H1600 User Manual

Data projector
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Selecting the Color Mode

You can select from among various different color mode settings in accordance with image contents
and projection conditions.
The color mode cannot be selected in the following cases.
When "Off" is selected for the Eco Mode setting (page 19)
When the projector is in the 3D input mode. See "3D Input Mode" (page 11).
The color mode cannot be selected while "On" is selected for the setup menu "Option
Settings 2
possible on some projector models, doing so may cause problems with the optional
interactive pointer (YA-P10) in some color modes.
To change the color mode
Press the [COLOR MODE] key.
This displays the color mode selection window. The currently selected color mode is the one
whose button is selected (filled in).
Use the [ ] and [ ] keys to move the highlighting to the color mode you want to
select, and then press the [ENTER] key.
This will select the button next to the highlighted color mode name.
For details on what each color mode does, see "Color Mode" under "Image Adjustment 1
Main Menu" on page 30.
To hide the window, press the [ESC] key.

Zooming an Image

Press the [D-ZOOM +] key.
This will enlarge the center of the projected image one step.
To zoom in on the center of the projected image more, press the [D-ZOOM +]
key again. To zoom out, press the [D-ZOOM –] key.
Each press of [D-ZOOM +] zooms in (increases the zoom factor), while [D-ZOOM –] zooms
out. Holding down either key continuously scrolls the zoom factor.
While an image is zoomed, use the [ ], [ ], [ ], and [ ] keys to scroll the view
to other parts of the image.
To exit the zoom operation, press the [ESC] key.
Interactive Pointer" setting. Though the color mode change operation may be

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