Using Wired Lan To Control The Projector (Xj-H1650, Xj-H1750, Xj-St145, Xj-St155); Supported External Devices; Controlling The Projector From A Computer - Casio XJ-H1600 User Manual

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Using Wired LAN to Control the Projector
(XJ-H1650, XJ-H1750, XJ-ST145, XJ-ST155)
The projector can be controlled by a computer or other external device by connecting the device to
the projector's LAN port.

Supported External Devices

This projector supports all commands of PJLink Class1 (Version 1.00).
This projector is supported by the commands of the Crestron Electronics controller and software
This projector is supported by AMX Device Discovery.
Information about the types of external devices that can be connected to the LAN port and control the
projector, as well as the control commands supported for each external device will be published on
the CASIO website below as such information becomes available.

Controlling the Projector from a Computer

When the projector is linked to a computer over a wired or wireless LAN connection, you can use the
computer's Web browser to access a Wireless Presentation System control panel to control the
To establish a wired LAN connection between the projector and a computer
Connect the LAN port of the projector to the LAN hub or other network devices
to which the computer is connected.
In a configuration like the one in the illustration above, you should normally use straight type
LAN cables. If you are connecting the projector's LAN port directly to the LAN port of a
computer, use a cross type LAN cable.
LAN hub

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