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Hanging the Projector from a Ceiling

The projector can be hung from a ceiling. When doing so, the projector should be turned upside down,
and secured to the ceiling. You also need to install a safety wire to ensure that the projector cannot fall
accidentally. To attach the safety wire, remove the sticker on the bottom of the projector and attach
the wire there.
For full details, contact the retailer where you purchased the projector.
When hanging the projector from a ceiling, make sure that it is at least one meter away from
fire detectors, fire alarms, and other fire protection devices. Locating the projector too close to
a fire protection device creates the risk of mis-operation of the device due to warm air
exhausted from the projector. Also, avoid locating the projector close to fluorescent lights or
other strong light sources. Bright light can shorten the operating range of the remote controller
or even make remote control impossible. When selecting a location for the projector, be sure
to test for proper operation of the remote controller.
The vertical and horizontal orientation of the projected image is reversed from the normal
configuration when projecting from a projector hung from the ceiling. You need to change the
setup of the projector in order to correct for this. For details, see the "Ceiling Mount" option
under "Screen Settings Main Menu" (page 32).

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