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Craftsman C459-60116 Operator's Manual page 5

26 hp, 46" tractor
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Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the presence
of children. Children are often attracted to the machine and the mowing
activity. They do not understand the dangers. Never assume that
children will remain where you last saw them.
Keep children out of the mowing area and in watchful care of a
responsible adult other than the operator.
Be alert and turn machine off if a child enters the area.
Before and while backing, look behind and down for small
Never carry children, even with the blade(s) shut off. They may
fall off and be seriously injured or interfere with safe machine
Use extreme care when approaching blind corners, doorways,
shrubs, trees or other objects that may block your vision of a child
who may run into the machine.
To avoid back-over accidents, always disengage the cutting
blade(s) before shifting into Reverse. If equipped, the "Reverse
Caution Mode" (blades operate while machine rides in reverse)
should not be used when children or others are around.
Keep children away from hot or running engines. They can suffer
burns from a hot muffler.
Remove key when machine is unattended to prevent unauthorized
Never allow children under 14 years of age to operate this machine.
Children 14 and over should read and understand the instructions and
safe operation practices in this manual and on the machine and should
be trained and supervised by an adult.
Tow only with a machine that has a hitch designed for towing. Do
not attach towed equipment except at the hitch point.
Follow the manufacturers recommendation for weight limits for
towed equipment and towing on slopes. For recommendations,
call 1-800-659-5917.
Never allow children or others in or on towed equipment.
On slopes, the weight of the towed equipment may cause loss of
traction and loss of control.
Always use extra caution when towing with a machine capable of
making tight turns (e.g. "zero-turn" ride-on mower). Make wide
turns to avoid jack-knifing.
Travel slowly and allow extra distance to stop.
Do not coast downhill.
Safe Handling of Gasoline
To avoid personal injury or property damage use extreme care in
handling gasoline. Gasoline is extremely flammable and the vapors are
explosive. Serious personal injury can occur when gasoline is spilled
on yourself or your clothes which can ignite. Wash your skin and
change clothes immediately.
Use only an approved gasoline container.
Never fill containers inside a vehicle or on a truck or trailer bed
with a plastic liner. Always place containers on the ground away
from your vehicle before filling.
When practical, remove gas-powered equipment from the truck
or trailer and refuel it on the ground. If this is not possible, then
refuel such equipment on a trailer with a portable container, rather
than from a gasoline dispenser nozzle.
Keep the nozzle in contact with the rim of the fuel tank or
container opening at all times until fueling is complete. Do not use
a nozzle lock-open device.
Extinguish all cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other sources of
Never fuel machine indoors.
Never remove gas cap or add fuel while the engine is hot or run-
ning. Allow engine to cool at least two minutes before refueling.
Never over fill fuel tank. Fill tank to no more than ½ inch below
bottom of filler neck to allow space for fuel expansion.
Replace gasoline cap and tighten securely.
If gasoline is spilled, wipe it off the engine and equipment. Move
machine to another area. Wait 5 minutes before starting the
To reduce fire hazards, keep machine free of grass, leaves, or
other debris build-up. Clean up oil or fuel spillage and remove any
fuel soaked debris.
Never store the machine or fuel container inside where there is an
open flame, spark or pilot light as on a water heater, space heater,
furnace, clothes dryer or other gas appliances.
Allow a machine to cool at least five minutes before storing.



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