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Craftsman C459-60116 Operator's Manual page 61

26 hp, 46" tractor
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The outdoor equipment engine owner will not be charged for diagnostic labor that is directly associated with diagnosis of a defec-
tive, emission-related warranted part, provided that such diagnostic work is performed at a warranty station.
MTD Consumer Group Inc is liable for damages to other engine or equipment components proximately caused by a failure under
warranty of any warranted part.
Throughout the off-road engine and equipment warranty period stated above, MTD Consumer Group Inc will maintain a supply of
warranted parts sufficient to meet the expected demand for such parts.
Any replacement part may be used in the performance of any warranty maintenance or repairs and must be provided without
charge to the owner. Such use will not reduce the warranty obligations of MTD Consumer Group Inc.
Add-on or modified parts that are not exempted by the Air Resources Board may not be used. The use of any non-exempted
add-on or modified parts by the ultimate purchaser will be grounds for disallowing a warranty claims. MTD Consumer Group Inc
will not be liable to warrant failures of warranted parts caused by the use of a non-exempted add-on or modified part.
The repair or replacement of any warranted part otherwise eligible for warranty coverage may be excluded from such warranty
coverage if MTD Consumer Group Inc demonstrates that the outdoor equipment engine has been abused, neglected, or improperly
maintained, and that such abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance was the direct cause of the need for repair or replacement of the
part. That notwithstanding, any adjustment of a component that has a factory installed, and properly operating, adjustment limiting
device is still eligible for warranty coverage. Further, the coverage under this warranty extends only to parts that were present on the
off-road engine and equipment purchased.
The following emission warranty parts are covered (if applicable):
(1) Fuel Metering System
Cold start enrichment system (soft choke)
Carburetor and internal parts (or fuel injection system)
Fuel pump
Fuel tank
(2) Air Induction System
Air cleaner
Intake manifold
(3) Ignition System
Spark plug(s)
Magneto ignition system
(4) Exhaust System
Catalytic converter
SAI (Reed valve)
(5) Miscellaneous Items Used in Above System
Vacuum, temperature, position, time sensitive valves and switches
Connectors and assemblies
(6) Evaporative Control
Fuel hose
Fuel hose clamps
Tethered fuel cap
Carbon canister
Vapor lines
NOTE: If you require warranty service in Canada and your product was sold by MTD Products Limited within Canada to the retailer
you purchased it from in Canada then the MTD Consumer Group Inc portion of this warranty will be honored by MTD Products
Limited in Canada.
GDOC-100223CN Rev. A



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