Craftsman C459-36426 Operator's Manual

21” lawn mower
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Operator's Manual
Model No. C459-36426
CAUTION: Before using this
product, read this manual
and follow all safety rules
and operating instructions.
Sears Canada Inc., 290 Yonge Street, Toronto, On M5B 2C3
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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman C459-36426

  • Page 1 Operator’s Manual ® 21” LAWN MOWER Model No. C459-36426 • SAFETY • ASSEMBLY • OPERATION • MAINTENANCE • PARTS LIST CAUTION: Before using this product, read this manual and follow all safety rules and operating instructions. Sears Canada Inc., 290 Yonge Street, Toronto, On M5B 2C3 769-09724 Visit our web:
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety Instructions ........3 Off-Season Storage .
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING DANGER This symbol points out important safety instructions which, if not This machine was built to be operated according to the safe operation followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or property of practices in this manual. As with any type of power equipment, yourself and others.
  • Page 4 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • If the equipment should start to vibrate abnormally, stop the engine and • Keep children out of the mowing area and under watchful care of a check immediately for the cause. Vibration is generally a warning of trouble. responsible adult other than the operator. • Shut the engine off and wait until the blade comes to a complete stop before • Be alert and turn mower off if a child enters the area. removing the grass catcher or unclogging the chute. The cutting blade • Before and while moving backwards, look behind and down for small continues to rotate for a few seconds after the blade control is released. children. Never place any part of the body in the blade area until you are sure the • Use extreme care when approaching blind corners, doorways, shrubs, trees, blade has stopped rotating. or other objects that may obscure your vision of a child who may run into the • Never operate mower without proper trail shield, discharge cover, grass mower. catcher, blade control handle or other safety protective devices in place and • Keep children away from hot or running engines. They can suffer burns from working. Never operate mower with damaged safety devices. Failure to do a hot muffler. so can result in personal injury. • Never allow children under 14 years of age to operate this machine. Children • Muffler and engine become hot and can cause a burn. Do not touch. 14 and over should read and understand the instructions and safe operation • Never attempt to make a wheel or cutting height adjustment while the practices in this manual and on the machine and be trained and supervised engine is running. by an adult.
  • Page 5 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT MODIFY ENGINE General Service: • Never run an engine indoors or in a poorly ventilated area. Engine exhaust To avoid serious injury or death, do not modify engine in any way. Tampering contains carbon monoxide, an odorless and deadly gas. with the governor setting can lead to a runaway engine and cause it to operate at unsafe speeds. Never tamper with factory setting of engine •...
  • Page 6: Safety Symbols

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAFETY SYMBOLS This page depicts and describes safety symbols that may appear on this product. Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine before attempting to assemble and operate. Symbol Description READ THE OPERATOR’S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual(s) before attempting to assemble and operate DANGER —...
  • Page 7: Slope Guide

  • Page 8: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY NOTE: Please be aware that this Operator’s Manual covers both the low and high wheel models of this mower. While this manual illustrates the low wheel model, the instructions and features are equally applicable to the high wheel model as well, unless otherwise noted. NOTE: This unit is shipped without gasoline or oil in the engine. Fill up with gasoline and oil as instructed in the accompanying engine manual BEFORE operating your mower. NOTE: Reference to right, left, rear and front of the lawn mower is in relation to the operating position. Assembly Handle Remove any packing material which may be between upper and lower handles. Remove handle knobs and carriage bolts from handle as shown in Figure 2 Figure 1. Do not loosen or remove adjacent hex head screws. Figure 3 Figure 1 While stabilizing mower so it doesn’t move, pivot upper handle up as shown in Figure 2. Do not crimp cable while lifting the handle up. Remove the T-bolts from the handle brackets as shown in Figure 3. Follow the steps below to complete handle assembly: Pull upward on the handle until holes in lower handle (shown in Figure 3 deck cutaway) line up with holes in handle bracket. See Figure 4. NOTE: When pulling upward on handle, make sure to not pull handle all the way out. Insert the T-bolts removed earlier through the handle brackets and lower handle and tighten securely to secure the handle in place. See Figure 4. Reattach handle knobs and carriage bolts removed earlier into lower holes of handle as shown in Figure 5. Figure 4...
  • Page 9 ASSEMBLY Slip plastic channel of grass bag over hooks on the frame. See Figure Figure 5 The rope guide is attached to the right side of the upper handle. Loosen the Figure 7 wing knob which secures the rope guide. See Figure 6. Follow steps below to attach grass catcher: Hold blade control against upper handle. Lift rear discharge door. Slowly pull starter rope handle from engine and slip starter rope into Place grass catcher into the slots in the handle brackets as shown in the rope guide. See Figure 6. Figure 8. Let go of discharge door so that it rests on the grass catcher. Tighten rope guide wing knob. To remove grass catcher, lift rear discharge door on the mower. Lift grass catcher d. Use cable tie(s) to secure cable(s) to lower handle. up and of the slots in the handle brackets. Release rear discharge door to allow it to close rear opening of mower. Figure 8 Figure 6 Attaching Side Discharge Chute Attaching the Grass Catcher Your mower may be shipped as a mulcher. To convert to side discharge, make sure grass catcher is off of the unit and rear discharge door is closed. Follow steps below to assemble the grass catcher (if needed). Make certain bag is turned right side out before assembling (warning label will be on the outside). On the side of the mower, lift the side mulching plug. See Figure 9. Place bag over frame so that its black plastic side is at the bottom. Slide two hooks of side discharge chute under hinge pin on mulching plug assembly. Lower the mulching plug. Do not remove side mulching plug at any time, even when you are not mulching.
  • Page 10 ASSEMBLY Side Mulching Plug Higher Lower Higher Lower High Wheel Figure 11 Figure 9 Adjustments Handle Pitch (If Equipped) For convenience of operation, you may be able to adjust the pitch of the handle as Cutting Height follows: There is a cutting height adjustment lever located above the front and rear right Remove wing nuts and carriage bolts from handle.
  • Page 11: Operation

    OPERATION Blade Control Drive Control Recoil Starter Oil Fill Grass Catcher Deck Wash Cutting Height Adjustment Cutting Height Lever Adjustment Lever Side Discharge Chute Fuel Cap Mulching Plug Figure 13 Blade Control Side Discharge Cover The blade control is attached to the upper handle of the mower. Depress and Your mower is shipped as a mulcher. To discharge the grass clippings to the side squeeze it against the upper handle to operate the unit. Release it to stop engine instead, follow the instructions in the Assembly section to attach the side discharge and blade. cover.
  • Page 12 OPERATION Before Starting Engine Service the engine with gasoline and oil as instructed in the separate engine manual. Starting Engine WARNING Be sure no one other than the operator is standing near the lawn mower while starting engine or operating mower. Never run engine indoors or in enclosed, poorly ventilated areas. Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide, an odorless and deadly gas.
  • Page 13: Service And Maintenance

    SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Follow the maintenance schedule given below. This chart describes service WARNING guidelines only. Use the Service Log column to keep track of completed Before performing any type of maintenance/service, disengage all controls maintenance tasks. To locate the nearest Sears Service Center or to schedule service, and stop the engine. Wait until all moving parts have come to a complete simply contact Sears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME®. stop. Disconnect spark plug wire and ground it against the engine to prevent unintended starting.
  • Page 14 SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE WARNING Always stop engine, disconnect spark plug wire, and ground against engine before performing any type of maintenance on your machine. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS • Always observe safety rules when performing any maintenance. • The warranty on this lawn mower does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. To receive full value from warranty, operator must maintain the equipment as instructed here. • Changing of engine-governed speed will void engine warranty. • All adjustments should be checked at least once each season. • Periodically check all fasteners and make sure these are tight. ENGINE MAINTENANCE A list of key engine maintenance jobs required for good performance by the mower is given below. Follow the accompanying engine manual for a detailed list and instructions.
  • Page 15 SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE Blade Adapter Blade Blade Bell Support Bolt Figure 19 Figure 18 Lubricate the engine crankshaft and the inner surface of the blade adapter Blade Care with light oil. Slide the blade adapter onto the engine crankshaft. Place the blade on the adapter such that the side of the blade marked “Bottom” (or WARNING with part number) faces the ground when the mower is in the operating position. Make sure that the blade is aligned and seated on the blade adapter When removing the cutting blade for sharpening or replacement, protect flanges. See Figure 19 inset. your hands with a pair of heavy gloves or use a heavy rag to hold the blade. Place blade bell support on the blade. Align notches on the blade bell Periodically inspect the blade adapter for cracks, especially if you strike a foreign support with small holes in blade.
  • Page 16: Off-Season Storage

    OFF-SEASON STORAGE WARNING Never store lawn mower with fuel in tank indoors or in poorly ventilated areas where fuel fumes may reach an open flame, spark, or pilot light as on a furnace, water heater, clothes dryer, or gas appliance. Preparing The Engine Preparing The Lawn Mower •...
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING Disconnect the spark plug wire and ground it against the engine to prevent unintended starting. Before performing any type of maintenance/service, disengage all controls and stop the engine. Wait until all moving parts have come to a complete stop. Always wear safety glasses during operation or while performing any adjustments or repairs.
  • Page 18: Warranty

    WARRANTY STATEMENT General: Craftsman products are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a specific time period as set-out below (the “Warranty Period”). Warranties extend to the original purchaser of a Craftsman product only. Purchases made through an online auction or through any website other than are excluded.
  • Page 19: Emission Control Warranty Statement

    (This page applicable in the U.S.A. and Canada only.) Sears Brands Management Corporation (Sears), the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Emission Control System Warranty Statement (Owner’s Defect Warranty Rights and Obligations) EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY COVERAGE IS APPLICABLE TO CERTI- YEAR 1997 AND LATER ENGINES WHICH ARE PURCHASED AND USED FIED ENGINES PURCHASED IN CALIFORNIA IN 1995 AND THEREAF-...
  • Page 20: 1-800-4-My-Home

    02488 Trademarks of Sears Brands Management Corp. used under license by Sears Canada Marque déposée / Marque de commerce de Sears Brands Management Corp. utilisée en vertu d’une licence de Sears Canada...