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Craftsman C459-60116 Operator's Manual page 15

26 hp, 46" tractor
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fUel leVel INDICATOr
The Fuel Level Indicator is located on the left side of the tractor's
dash and indicates the amount of fuel in the gas tank.
pTO/BlADe eNgAge kNOB
Activating the PTO engages power to the
cutting deck or other (separately available)
attachments. Pull outward on the PTO/Blade
Engage knob to activate it. Push the PTO/
Blade Engage knob inward to disengage the
power to the cutting deck or other (separately
available) attachments.
NOTE: The PTO/Blade Engage knob must
be in the disengaged (OFF) position when
starting the engine.
pArkINg BrAke/CrUISe CON-
TrOl leVer
Located in the center of the tractor's dash panel below
the steering wheel, the Parking Brake/Cruise Control
lever is used to engage the parking brake and the cruise
control Refer to the Operation section of this manual for
detailed instructions regarding the parking brake.
NOTE: The parking brake must be set if the operator
leaves the seat with the engine running or the engine
will automatically shut off.
NOTE: Cruise control can NOT be engaged at the
tractor's fastest ground speed. If the operator should
attempt to do so, the tractor will automatically decelerate
to the fastest optimal mowing ground speed.
Never leave a running machine unattended. Always disengage PTO
(Blade Engage knob), set parking brake, stop engine and remove key
to prevent unintended starting.



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