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Craftsman C459-60116 Operator's Manual page 12

26 hp, 46" tractor
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Adjusting the Seat
To adjust the position of the seat, pull up and hold the seat adjustment
lever. Slide the seat forward or rearward to the desired position; then
release the adjustment lever. Make sure seat is locked into position in
a seat-stop before operating the tractor. See Figure 5.
Before operating the tractor, make sure the seat is engaged in a
seat-stop. Engage the parking brake. Stand behind the machine and
pull back on seat until it clicks into place.
Figure 5
gas and Oil
The fuel tank is located under the hood. Remove the fuel cap by
turning it counterclockwise. Use only clean, fresh (no more than 30
days old), unleaded gasoline. Fill tank to the bottom of the filler neck,
allowing some space in the tank for fuel expansion. Do not overfill the
Use extreme care when handling gasoline. Gasoline is extremely
flammable and the vapors are explosive. Never fuel the machine
indoors or while the engine is hot or running. Extinguish cigarettes,
cigars, pipes and other sources of ignition.
NOTE: Your tractor is shipped with oil in the engine. However, you
MUST check the oil level before operating. See Checking the Engine
Oil in the Service and Maintenance section of this manual.
Always check the engine oil level before each use as instructed in
the Maintenance section. Add oil as necessary. Failure to do so may
result in serious damage to your engine.



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