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Mounting The Device; Mounting The Device On A Din Rail - Siemens SIMATIC NET RUGGEDCOM RSG909R Installation Manual

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Installing the Device
2.4 Mounting the Device
Sample Hazardous Location Label
The following is an example of the RUGGEDCOM RSG909R hazardous location label:
Figure 2.1

Mounting the Device

The RUGGEDCOM RSG909R is designed for maximum mounting and display
flexibility. It can be equipped with adapters that allow it to be attached to a DIN rail
or panel.
Heat generated by the device is channeled outwards from the enclosure. As such, it
is recommended that 2.5 cm (1 in) of space be maintained on all open sides of the
device to allow for some convectional airflow.
Forced airflow is not required. However, any increase in airflow will result in a
reduction of ambient temperature and improve the long-term reliability of all
equipment mounted in the rack space.
For detailed dimensions of the device with either DIN rail or panel hardware installed,
refer to

Mounting the Device on a DIN Rail

The RUGGEDCOM RSG909R can be ordered with a DIN rail adapter preinstalled on the
back of the chassis. Use the adapter to mount the device to a standard 35 mm (1.4
in) by 15 mm (0.6 in) IEC/EN 60715 or TS35 DIN rail.
Compliance Label (Example)
"Dimension Drawings (Page
Installation Manual, 02/2021, C79000-G8976-1388-12



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