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Safety Information; General Safety Information; Information As Per En 60730; Weee Directive - Honeywell CENTRA LINE EAGLEHAWK Installation & Commissioning Instructions

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General Safety Information

When performing any work, all instructions given by the
manufacturer and in particular the safety instructions
provided in these Installation and Commissioning
Instructions are to be observed. Make sure that the local
standards and regulations are observed at all times.
The EAGLEHAWK System (including the EAGLEHAWK
controller, Panel Bus I/O modules, manual disconnect
modules, and auxiliary terminal packages) may be installed
and mounted only by authorized and trained personnel.
If the controller housing is damaged or missing,
immediately disconnect it from any power.
If the device is broken or defective, do not attempt to repair
it yourself; rather, return it to the manufacturer.
It is recommended that devices be kept at room tem-
perature for at least 24 hours before applying power. This
is to allow any condensation resulting from low shipping /
storage temperatures to evaporate.
The EAGLEHAWK System must be installed in such a
manner (e.g., in a lockable cabinet) as to ensure that
uncertified persons have no access to the terminals.
In the case of vertical mounting on DIN rails, the
EAGLEHAWK controller should be secured in place using
a commercially-available stopper.
If the EAGLEHAWK System is modified in any way, except
by the manufacturer, all warranties concerning operation
and safety are invalidated.
Rules regarding electrostatic discharge should be followed.
Use only accessory equipment which comes from or has
been approved by Honeywell.

Information as per EN 60730

The purpose of the device is: OPERATING CONTROL. The
EAGLEHAWK controller is a multifunctional non-safety control
device intended for HVAC in home (residential, commercial,
and light-industrial) environments.
The EAGLEHAWK controller is an independently mounted
electronic control unit with fixed wiring.
Mounting Method
The EAGLEHAWK controller is suitable for mounting as
in cabinets;
in fuse boxes conforming with standard DIN43880, and
having a slot height of max. 45 mm;
in cabinet front doors (using accessory MVC-80-AC2);
on walls (using accessory MVC-80-AC1).
EN1Z-1005GE51 R0216
Table 1. Information as per EN 60730
Shock protection
Pollution degree
Rated impulse voltage
Automatic action
Software class
Ball-pressure test

WEEE Directive

WEEE: Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment Directive
At the end of the product life, dispose
of the packaging and product in an
appropriate recycling center.
Do not dispose of the device with the
usual domestic refuse.
Do not burn the device.

Standards, Approvals, etc.

Degree of Protection: IP20 (mounted on walls, with two
accessory MVC-80-AC1 covers)
IP30 (mounted in cabinet doors, with
accessory MVC-80-AC2)
Device meets EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, UL60730, and
Refer to Code of Practice standards IEC 61000-5-1 and -2
for guidance.
The device complies with Ethernet Protocol versions IEEEC
The device supports BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP
communications as per ANSI / ASHRAE 135-2010.


This product contains software provided by third parties. See
also EAGLEHAWK controller – Third-Party Software Licenses
(Product Literature No.: EN2Z-1007GE51).
Class II
Class 3
330 V for SELV, 2500 V for relay
Type 1.C (micro-interruption for
the relay outputs)
Class A
housing parts >75 °C
terminals >125 °C



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