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Safety Measures; Safety And Hazardous Information; Conditions Of Acceptability; Warning-Explosion Hazard/Avertissement - Risque D'explosion - Honeywell MIWI350 Installation And Operation Manual

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1 About MIWI350

1.5 Safety Measures

1.5.1 Safety and Hazardous Information

MIWI350 complies with the general safety standards and regulations. However, failure to operate this
product as per the safety instructions available in this document may lead to hazards.
It is approved for use in hazardous areas (Class I Division 2). Different versions of MIWI350 are
available depending on the operating conditions. The permitted operating conditions are marked on
each product. Check the operating condition limits of MIWI350 before installing. You must be familiar
with the currently applicable electrical installation standards and regulations before installing and
operating MIWI350 in hazardous areas.

1.5.2 Conditions of Acceptability

1. The MIWI350 enclosure shall not be opened in the presence of ignitable concentration of explosive
gas atmosphere. Do not connect/disconnect the device unless the power has been switched off or
the area is deemed to be non-hazardous.
2. The externally powered configurations of the MIWI350 shall only be powered by a Class 2 ELV
circuit not exceeding 20V DC.
3. Use only Honeywell approved battery/battery packs with this product. Substitution of components
will void suitability for Class I Division 2.
Denotes an explosion hazard. Ensure you follow all instructions described in the warning

1.5.3 Warning-Explosion Hazard/Avertissement - Risque d'explosion

Do not Open, Disconnect, or Service in an area where an explosive atmosphere may be present. Any
service or repair shall be performed by qualified technicians only.
Ne pas ouvrir, déconnecter ou entretenir dans une zone où une atmosphère explosive peut être présente.
Toute réparation ou réparation ne doit être effectuée que par des techniciens qualifiés.
Honeywell recommends you to observe the warning information described in this document and other
generally applicable safety rules.
No warranty claims can be asserted if there is an unauthorized interference with the device.
You can use MIWI350 in hazardous areas, under permitted operating conditions. Ensure to
comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and company policies for the usage of
Installation, commissioning, service, maintenance and troubleshooting of MIWI350 in
hazardous areas must only be done by specially trained and qualified staff.
Operate MIWI350 only if the instrument is completely intact.
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