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Electrolux 267752 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Electrolux 267752 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Gas steam/convection ovens


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  • Page 2: Installation Diagram

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Do not store or use gasoline or other fl ammable vapors or liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. WARNING Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause property dama- ge, injury or death. Read the installation, operating and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment.
  • Page 3 6 GN 1/1 Mod. G - Gas connection ø1/2" NPT G - Entée gaz ø1/2" NPT EI - Power supply cable inlet EI - Entrée câble électrique CWI1 - Water supply connection (0.5- 5 °F) ø3/4" NPT CWI1 - Entrée eau (0,5 - 5 °F) ø3/4"...
  • Page 4 6 GN 2/1 Mod. G - Gas connection ø1/2" NPT G - Entée gaz ø1/2" NPT EI - Power supply cable inlet EI - Entrée câble électrique CWI1 - Water supply connection (0.5- 5 °F) ø3/4" NPT CWI1 - Entrée eau (0,5 - 5 °F) ø3/4"...
  • Page 5 10 GN 1/1 Mod. G - Entée gaz ø1/2" NPT G - Gas connection ø1/2" NPT EI - Power supply cable inlet EI - Entrée câble électrique CWI1 - Water supply connection (0.5- 5 °F) ø3/4" NPT CWI1 - Entrée eau (0,5 - 5 °F) ø3/4"...
  • Page 6 10 GN 2/1 Mod. G - Gas connection ø1/2" NPT G - Entée gaz ø1/2" NPT EI - Power supply cable inlet EI - Entrée câble électrique CWI1 - Water supply connection (0.5- 5 °F) ø3/4" NPT CWI1 - Entrée eau (0,5 - 5 °F) ø3/4"...
  • Page 7 20 GN 1/1 Mod. G - Entée gaz ø1/2" NPT G - Gas connection ø1/2" NPT EI - Power supply cable inlet EI - Entrée câble électrique CWI1 - Water supply connection (0.5- 5 °F) ø3/4" NPT CWI1 - Entrée eau (0,5 - 5 °F) ø3/4"...
  • Page 8 20 GN 2/1 Mod. G - Gas connection ø1/2" NPT G - Entée gaz ø1/2" NPT EI - Power supply cable inlet EI - Entrée câble électrique CWI1 - Water supply connection (0.5- 5 °F) ø3/4" NPT CWI1 - Entrée eau (0,5 - 5 °F) ø3/4"...
  • Page 9 * Mandatory to install an OSMOTIZER ° Mandatory to install a NANOFILTER ^ No action required NORMAL 0 350 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000 PH (>7) conductivity ( ) (68°F)(20°C) * Obbligatorio installare un OSMOTIZER °...
  • Page 10 The Electrolux Group is the world's largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx. 14 billion USD in more than 150 countries around the world.
  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    STEAM/CONVECTION GAS OVENS INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION AND USE Table of contents Page - Installation diagram............2 7. Safety devices .............. 18 - Appliance identifi cation ............ 9 8. Operation check ............18 9. Servicing ..............18 I. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS ........10 10.
  • Page 12: General Characteristics

    I. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS 1. DESCRIPTION OF APPLIANCE • Oven chamber automatic fast steam drain device for gratins. This booklet describes a number of appliance models. • Air-break (anti-backup drain) device to prevent backfl ows from For more detailed information about the model in your possession, the drain system from entering the oven (only available on certain refer to "Technical Data"...
  • Page 13: Table 1: Technical Data

    2. TABLE 1: TECHNICAL DATA 6 GN 1/1 6 GN 2/1 10 GN 1/1 10 GN 2/1 20 GN 1/1 20 GN 2/1 GRIDS 120V 120V 120V 120V 120V 120V SUPPLY VOLTAGE 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 10amps 10amps 10amps 10amps 10amps...
  • Page 14: Precautions

    3. PRECAUTIONS Important: The installation instructions contained herein are for the use of qualifi ed installation and service personnel only. Installation or service by other than qualifi ed personnel may • The following terms alert you to potentially dangerous conditions result in damage to the appliance and/or injury to the operator.
  • Page 15: Safeguarding The Environment

    4. SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENT PACKAGING • All the packaging materials used are environmentally safe and friendly. They may be stored without fear or danger. They may be recycled or burned in a special waste incineration plant. Recyclable plastic components are marked as follows: polyethylene : external wrapping fi...
  • Page 16: Installation Instructions

    II. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1.4 IMMEDIATELY INSPECT FOR SHIPPING DAMAGE Important: The oven outer panels must be removed to perform The container should be examined for damage before and during the operations described in this chapter. Since the appliance unloading. The freight carrier has assumed responsibility for must be switched on to make certain adjustments, exercise the its safe transit and delivery.
  • Page 17: Warnings Regarding The Fl Uing System

    3.2 WARNINGS REGARDING THE FLUING SYSTEM INSTALLATION TYPE Before installation check, on the basis of the contents of the reference standard, to ensure that the volume aspirated by the fumes exhausting system is greater than the volume of combusted gas produced by the appliance (see point 1.1). If the solution of combusted gas discharge under an extractor hood is chosen, observe the distance (shown in the fi...
  • Page 18: Electrical Connection

    The feed pipes of both inlets must be provided with a mechanical 4. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION fi lter and shutoff valve. Before installing the fi lters it is advisable to allow a certain amount of water to run in order to clear the pipe •...
  • Page 19: Water Drain System

    ATTENTION: 5.2 WATER DRAIN SYSTEM - The periodic check of fi lter functionality, according to that indicated by the manufacturer, is important to avoid compromising appliance The oven is supplied with an air-break system to prevent any operation and to prevent the risk of corrosion. backfl...
  • Page 20: Nominal Heat Output

    - Automatic reset thermal protection inside the cavity fan motor: 6.2 NOMINAL HEAT OUTPUT this device trips in the event of overheating of the cavity fan motor. For data concerning the nominal heat output refer to "Technical The error message EFAN is displayed. CONTACT YOUR AUTHORIZED Data"...
  • Page 21: Layout Of Main Components

    Oven chamber temperature thermostat control is incorrect. Possible causes: - Electronic control panel faulty. - Oven chamber temperature probe is dirty, faulty, or interrupted, see error EPt1. Oven fails to turn on. Possible causes: - Electronic control panel is damaged. - Fuse F2 blown due to damaged control circuit components.
  • Page 22: Operating Instructions

    III. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Before starting the appliance, carefully read this handbook. The MODELS WITH DOUBLE OPENING SYSTEM (on request) instructions and information given in it are important for correct and The oven has a double opening system to prevent being exposed optimum oven use.ANY POTENTIAL USER OF THE EQUIPMENT to steam when opening the door completely;...
  • Page 23: Description Of Control Panel

    3. DESCRIPTION OF CONTROL PANEL The control panel has the following controls: Humidity setting and adjustment: for activating or excluding the humidity or adjusting the required level in the Hot Air Cycle. ON/OFF oven switch. _______________ Hot air cycle with compartment vent open: for very dry cooking, allowing the removal of humidity when necessary (max.
  • Page 24 Fast compartment cooling: useful for going from one UTILITIES type of cooking to another at lower temperature; it enables fan rotation and automatic injection of water Low speed cycle (fan): for gentle baking, (TS < 356°F)(180°C) even with the door open. such as light patisserie.
  • Page 25 Cancel space (Backspace) Active Maintaining Cycle phase. Find Program Add Maintaining Cycle (70°C): for slow and prolonged cooking, typically for meat (large cuts). Activated at the end of cooking. Combinable with all cycles. Custom Upload data in oven from USB port SPECIAL CYCLES Regeneration cycle: produces the optimum humidity for fast heating of products to be regenerated.
  • Page 26: Oven Use

    OVEN USE 4. CONTROL PANEL USE 4.2 SWITCHING THE OVEN OFF To switch the oven off, press the button O (O - I) of the following switch: Foreword: When selecting certain functions, the initial status is restored if no button is pressed within 15 seconds (approx.). O °...
  • Page 27: Manual

    In this way a cooking cycle has been set; now, just close the door 4.4 MANUAL and touch START to start the Cycle. The PREHEATING stage starts, after which the message "LOAD" appears, indicating to place food in the oven; close the door to start cooking.
  • Page 28 The functions in MANUAL Cooking mode are as follows: cycle HOT AIR HUMIDITY TEMPERATURE TIME CORE PROBE adjustable x (vent x (max. 8 hours) x (from 50° to 210°F) ---- > compartment vent open ---- > compartment vent closed x ---- >...
  • Page 29 UTILITIES (see page 47) The fi gure shows phase 1 with the following settings: cycle HOT AIR COMBI STEAM phase number Fan speed * combi cycle humidity Injection of water in compartment x (from 10sec. to 120sec.) - 160°F temperature (71°C) 0:30 cooking phase time (0 hours : 30 minutes) Reduced power...
  • Page 30 4.4.4 ECODELTA 4.4.3 ADVANCED MULTITIMER The Advanced MultiTimer function is the same as the MultiTimer The ECO DELTA function enables cooking without har- with the addition of the following functions: ming the food with high temperatures; this ensures more gentle and more even cooking, with less weight loss.
  • Page 31 1) Remove the core probe "A" from its seat "B" and insert it in 4.4.6 FSC (Food Safe Control) the product without forcing excessively, making sure the tip (the The FOOD SAFE CONTROL (FSC) is a device enabling the sensitive part) is positioned near the centre of the product. microbiological SAFE condition of the food to be controlled during cooking.
  • Page 32: Automatic

    3) Preset COOKING (example in fi gure) 4.5 AUTOMATIC ▼ Steamed The AUTOMATIC control mode is used for automatic cooking, - Custom - Codfi sh fi llet by setting several simplifi ed functions. This saves the operator - Cuttlefi sh - Octopus from having to know the cooking parameter values (temperature, - Seafood salade...
  • Page 33 4.3.9 SPECIAL CYCLES PRESET MANAGEMENT The special cycles appear on the AUTOMATIC mode main screen, Preset management allows uploading or download presets (from and are as follows: or to USB key), deleting them or restoring factory defaults. Preset management can be modifi ed as required by going to Settings>...
  • Page 34: Programs

    - Lower weight loss, 5-8% (depending on the quality of the food 4.6 PROGRAMS and core probe temperature setting). - Considerable saving of portions for sale. - Considerable energy-saving due to the EFS-LTC smart program. The PROGRAMS control mode is used for already carrying out stored programs (or recipes), storing new ones and managing them inside a list.
  • Page 35 4.6.2 START PROGRAM MANAGE PROGRAMS Press the button of the Program Name on the Program List to This function allows the programs to be managed using the fol- access the Start screen and set the cooking parameters or start lowing buttons: the program.
  • Page 36: Mt Programs

    ATTENTION: This screen will show checkmarks on the categories PROGRAMS DRAWER to which the program is already linked. If the checkmarks are removed from these categories the program The Programs drawer contains functions for the Programs and Presets. will be unlinked. 5) Press “Save”...
  • Page 37: Cleaning

    Warning: MANAGE PRESET In case of complete emptying of the detergent and/or rinse aid This function is used to manage presets with the following buttons: containers or emptying of their supply tubes, the CLEANING - Select All = to select all the Presets of all Programs. SYSTEM cycle must be started after fi...
  • Page 38: Settings

    4.9 SETTINGS DATE TIME Enter the date and time with the +/- sign (or with the keypad). Select one of the following items: Settings Settings Language Proofing Date Time International International Date Date 4:35 Clock Clock Food safety Month Food Safety ......
  • Page 39: Switching Off In Case Of A Fault

    LOAD Oven Confi guration from USB: Opzioni   FSC 1) Insert the USB key.   Show F value during cooking Ask for FSC risk set on start 2) Access the Settings menu 3) Open the drawer and select the symbol Cooking info in drawer Hold Default convection temp.
  • Page 40: Cleaning And Maintenance

    (Code 0S1192) Removal Air fi lter Fitting ELECTROLUX "ExtraStrong Rinse for Oven" - Rinse Aid Non-compliance with the above will result in fi lter ineffi ciency and (Code 0S1193) produce anomalous effects in cooking. Do not use detergent or rinse aid powder dissolved in water or •...
  • Page 41: Replacing Consumable Components

    Descaling can be carried out using two methods: IMPORTANT -1 - with vinegar, concentration 100%; Carefully rinse the inside of the generator with a rubber hose inserted through the generator access pipe, to remove all - with chemical descaler (carefully following the instructions traces of descaler.
  • Page 42: Particular Cleaning

    6.3 PARTICULAR CLEANING Discharge system cleaning and effi ciency check Periodically clean the drain pipe, checking for any obstructions involving the draining of water. Cleaning the door internal glass (Fig. 5) These operations must be donet with the door glass cold, without using abrasive detergents or rags.

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