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Electrolux 267752 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 24

Gas steam/convection ovens
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Fast compartment cooling: useful for going from one
type of cooking to another at lower temperature; it
enables fan rotation and automatic injection of water
(TS < 356°F)(180°C) even with the door open.
Attention! Risk of burns.
Always open the door with caution when
the oven is hot.
Continuous cooking: the cooking time is endless,
therefore it is necessary to press STOP when the
food is cooked.
MM:MINUTES and SS:SECONDS for short cooking
cycles. Converts minutes into seconds and the letter S
appears next to the number in the bar as an indicator
Warning light signalling oven door open.
Scale indicator: when this light comes on, the steam
generator must be descaled. Follow the instructions
given in par. 6.1.
Steam generator status light:
- generator in fi lling phase or no water. Make sure
water reaches the oven!
- generator in preheating phase.
- generator ready (indicator light off).
burner off
Information area
Area displaying current
Status, Error, Warning
and Utility information.
Low speed cycle (fan): for gentle baking,
such as light patisserie. Combinable with all
Pulsed speed cycle (fan): for low tempera-
ture cooking, ideal for maintaining cooked
products, dehydrating or drying for vegetables
or fi nishing food. Combinable with all cycles.
Normal speed cycle (fan): for normal cooking.
Ideal for roasting, gratinating and classic
cooking. Combinable with all cycles. (Default
Manual injection of water in compartment:
for instantly increasing the humidity level
during a cooking cycle. Use the + and - buttons
to adjust the injection duration in seconds (10
s intervals).
Low power cycle (heating): for gentle baking, such
as light patisserie. Combinable with all cycles.
FSC-STANDARD risk cooking: for foods having a
low contamination level.
FSC-HIGH risk cooking: for foods having a high
contamination level.
FSC- The FOODSAFE CONTROL had positive results,
cooking occurred in safe conditions
Save Program
Programmed Start: allows the cooking cycle to be
started later by setting the required time.
Multitimer: for setting cooking of foods at the same
temperature but at different times (max. 14).
Cooking with phases in sequence: for setting
cooking programs with several phases in automatic
sequence (max. 15 phases).
Active pause phase
Add pause phase: by entering a time value in this
mode it is possible to delay the start of cooking pro-
grams or include a pause between two cycles (e.g.



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