Electrolux AOS061E Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Electrolux gas steam/convection ovens installation, operation and maintenance manual.
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  • Page 2: Installation Diagram

    Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors or liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. WARNING Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause property damage, injury or death. Read the installation, operating and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment.

  • Page 3

    " 898 mm " 335 mm " 308 mm " Ø 84 mm 200 mm " 73 mm " 115 mm " 155 mm " 142 mm (A ^) (B ^) " " (A ^) 159 mm 73 mm " (A ^) (C ^) (B ^)

  • Page 4

    " 1208 mm " 364 mm " 335 mm Ø " " 200 mm 91 mm " 62.5 mm " 118 mm " 145 mm " 145 mm (A ^) " (B ^) 77.5 mm (A ^) " 77.5 mm (A ^) "...

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    " 898 mm " 335 mm " 308 mm " Ø 84 mm 200 mm " 73 mm " 115 mm " 142 mm " 142 mm (A ^) (B ^) " " (A ^) 159 mm 73 mm " (A ^) (C ^) (B ^)

  • Page 6

    " 1208 mm " 364 mm " 335 mm Ø " " 200 mm 91 mm " 62.5 mm " 118 mm " 145 mm " 145 mm (A ^) " (B ^) 77.5 mm (A ^) " 77.5 mm (A ^) "...

  • Page 7

    " 994 mm " 358 mm " 335 mm Ø " " 200 mm 93 mm " 176 mm (A ^) (B ^) " 74 mm (A ^) " (A ^) (C ^) 63 mm (B ^) " 176 mm "...

  • Page 8

    " 1240 mm " 363 mm " 335 mm Ø " " 200 mm 95 mm " 164 mm (A ^) (B ^) " (A ^) 59 mm (A ^) (C ^) " (B ^) 54 mm " 62 mm "...

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    7.1 Periodical maintenance of the BOILER ... 31 7.2 Replacing CONSUMABLE components ... 32 7.3 Special cleaning instructions ... 32 - CONTROL PANEL FIGURES ... 105 Rating plate PNC 9PDX 260462 05 2. TABLE 1: TECHNICAL DATA 6GN1/1 (AOS061E) 260450-260510 260462 260456 26045 260462 260451-260511 260463...

  • Page 10: I. Main Features, Description Of Appliance

    I. MAIN FEATURES 1. DESCRIPTION OF APPLIANCE This booklet describes a number of appliance models. For more detailed information about the model in your possession, refer to "Technical Data" table 1. The appliance has the following features: • Digital temperature controlle. •...

  • Page 11: Table 1: Technical Data, 2. Table 1: Technical Data

    2. TABLE 1: TECHNICAL DATA 6 GN 1/1 GRIDS 267550 PNC * 269550 ° ° CONVECTOR ° BOILER ** 120V 120V SUPPLY VOLTAGE 60Hz 60Hz 10amp 10amp Total W atts 0,45 kW 0,45 kW Maxim um load capacities 66 lbs. 66 lbs.

  • Page 12: Precautions

    3. PRECAUTIONS • The following terms alert you to potentially dangerous conditions to the operator, service personnel or to the equipment. • Danger! This term warns of immediate hazards which will result in severe injury or death. • Warning! This term refers to a potential hazard or unsafe practice which could result in injury or death.

  • Page 13: Safeguarding The Environment, Packaging, Cleaning, Disposal

    4. SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENT PACKAGING • All the packaging materials used are environmentally safe and friendly. They may be stored without fear or danger. They may be recycled or burned in a special waste incineration plant. Recyclable plastic components are marked as follows: polyethylene : external wrapping film, instructions booklet bag and gas injectors bag polypropylene: top packaging panels and straps...

  • Page 14: Ii. Instructions For Installation, Place Of Installation, Ventilation, Reference Standards, Unpackaging

    II. INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION Important: The oven outer panels must be removed to perform the operations described in this chapter. Since the appliance must be switched on to make certain adjustments, exercise the utmost care when working in the vicinity of live electrical parts. 1.

  • Page 15: Installation Of Accessories

    3.2 WARNINGS REGARDING THE FLUING SYSTEM Before installation check, on the basis of the contents of the reference standard, to ensure that the volume aspirated by the fumes exhausting system is greater than the volume of combusted gas produced by the appliance (see point 1.1). If the solution of combusted gas discharge under an extractor hood is chosen, observe the distance (shown in the figure) between the top of the discharge pipe and the lowest point of the...

  • Page 16: Electrical Connection, Installing The Power Supply Cable, Water Mains Connection, Water Drain System

    4. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION • A fused disconnect switch or main circuit breaker (customer furnished) MUST be installed in the electric supply line for the appliance. It is recommended that this switch/circuit breaker have lockout/tagout capability. Before making any electrical connections to this appliance, check that the power supply is adequate for the voltage, amperage, and phase requirements on the rating plate.

  • Page 17: Gas Connection, Warning, Nominal Heat Output, Checking The Supply Pressure

    resist temperatures of up to at least 212°F (100°C). Avoid re- strictions in the case of flexible hose pipes, do not fit elbows on metal pipes anywhere along the drainage line. Also avoid horizontal sections in which water might collect (minimum gra- dient 5%).

  • Page 18: Safety Devices, Operation Check, Servicing, Troubleshooting, Layout Of Main Components

    7. SAFETY DEVICES The appliance is fitted with the following safety devices: - Fuses (see electrical circuit diagram) located behind the control panel. To change a fuse unscrew and remove the retainer cap and replace the blown fuse with an identically rated component; the fuse rating value is specified on the relative dataplate.

  • Page 19: Iii. Instructions For Use, Opening The Oven Door, And 10-grid Models, Grid Models

    III. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Before switching on the appliance, read this instruction booklet carefully because it contains important information concerning correct use of the appliance. If you require further information about the oven's features and cooking performance, consult your local dealer. ANY POTENTIAL USER OF THE EQUIPMENT SHOULD BE TRAINED IN SAFE AND CORRECT OPERATING PROCEDURES.

  • Page 20: Description Of The Control Panel, Introduction, Main Controls, Main Cooking Modes, Special Cooking Modes

    3. DESCRIPTION OF THE CONTROL PANEL 3.1 INTRODUCTION To aid understanding of the operation of the oven, find the folding double page showing the control panel for your model among those included at the back of this handbook and then open it out and keep it open while reading this section.

  • Page 21: Additional Functions

    Low speed cycle (fan): for delicate cooking such as for baking cakes. Can be combined with any other cycle. Reduced power cycle (heating): for delicate cooking such as for baking cakes. Can be combined with any other cycle. Cooking with ECO-DELTA: for cooking large pieces of food (5kg and above, e.g.

  • Page 22: Using The Oven, Introduction, Switching The Oven On, Selecting The Controls, Manual Controls

    USING THE OVEN OPERATING LEVEL A and C (C = Convect) 4. INTRODUCTION Cooking of food is carried out by heating it and can be achieved in a specific MODE, at a specific TEMPERATURE, a specific TIME and HUMIDITY level. Therefore these parameters must be set in order to execute a COOKING CYCLE.

  • Page 23

    After 5 seconds the COOKING TEMPERATURE stops flashing to indicate that it has been SET. Note 1 The temperature of the steam cycle is automatically set at 212°F(100°C). You can, however, set low temperature steam from 77°F to 210°F(25° to 99°C) by turning the knob. Note 2 With the COMBI cycle it is possible to do a dough proving cycle by setting a temperature below 122°F(77 to 121°F), 50°C(25 to...

  • Page 24

    Note: Press the button again to switch from the PROBE function to the TIME function: the relative LED on the DISPLAY will light up. 4) Start the cycle. Press the Cooking Start/Stop button. 5) Stop the cycle. When the required product core temperature reaches the set temperature the oven stops automatically as described in heading 4.3.7 STOPPING THE COOKING CYCLE and elapsed cooking cycle time is shown on the large DISPLAY.

  • Page 25

    4.3.9 UTILITIES - Switch on the oven by pressing button I. - Set a cooking cycle for the following UTILITIES: UTILITIES with cycle presetting; this is not necessary for the other utilities as they are already specific cycles. - Press button U (UTILITY): - The green UTILITY LEDs will light up and one will be flashing.

  • Page 26: Automatic Controls

    4.4 AUTOMATIC CONTROLS SOLO LIVELLO Introduction: the automatic controls make it possible to perform cooking cycles in special modes and also to store cycles after manual setting. For information on manual setting procedures refer first to heading 4.3 MANUAL CONTROLS. Note: If the oven is switched off after you have set up a cooking cycle manually the data you have entered will be lost since, in manual...

  • Page 27

    4.4.2 SETTING THE TIME, DATE AND DELAY START - TIME and DATE - Proceed as follows to set the TIME and DATE: 1) Switch on the oven by pressing button I. 2) Hold down button TM until you hear a beep and the HOUR digits start flashing.

  • Page 28

    4) Press button P to select the recipe number. NUMBER OF RECIPE SELECTED P : C ON F I RM 5) Select (while flashing) the RECIPE number in which you want to store the cycle you have just set up and confirm the number by pressing button P.

  • Page 29: Information And Error Codes

    • Uniform colour and perfected evenness in the degree of doneness. • Fast maturing process - time saving and use of fresh cut. • Significant less cooking shrinkage, 5-8 % (depend on food quality and selected core temperature). • Remarkable gain of portions for selling. •...

  • Page 30: Switching Off In The Event Of A Fault, Care And Maintenance

    End - End of a cycle or function. FILL - Boiler filling. (Ensure water supply tap/cock are open). Hold - Cooking option, HOLD function active. LOAd - Place the food in the oven. oPEn - Boiler discharge valve opening. PrEH - (TIME TM / PRB DISPLAY)Boiler preheating. PrEH -(COMPARTMENT TEMP.

  • Page 31: Periodical Maintenance Of The Boiler

    5) - Press the START/STOP button to start the cycle. ————— SEMIAUTOMATIC Cycle only (A-B-C) ————— The cycle will commence when the temperature automatically reaches 100 °C in the oven chamber. 6) - The 1st cleaning phase (STEAM cycle) ends after 5 minutes, as signalled by the audible alarm.

  • Page 32: Replacing Consumable Components, Special Cleaning Instructions

    IMPORTANT - 1 Insert a rubber hose inside the boiler filler pipe and rinse thoroughly with water to remove all traces of descaling agent. • Refit the filler plug and close the boiler drain (by pressing the relative button). After descaling the boiler, it is good practice to execute a 30- minute STEAM cycle with the oven empty.

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