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Electrolux 267752 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 35

Gas steam/convection ovens
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Press the button of the Program Name on the Program List to
access the Start screen and set the cooking parameters or start
the program.
Press this button to access the screen to save
the program (or recipe); this is similar to the search by
entering a name and confi rming with OK.
The Programs drawer contains functions relevant to Programs
and Categories.
The Upload programs button is used to save all the oven pro-
grams to a USB key.
The Download programs button is used to perform the reverse
operation. The downloaded programs are added to those already
in the oven.
The relevant operations to be performed are given below.
LOAD recipes / programs in Oven from USB:
1) Insert the USB key.
2) Access the Programs menu
3) Open the drawer and select the symbol
(upload from USB)
4) Select the required fi le (e.g. UI40_01.prg)
Wait for completion of the loading process.
Attention: Recipes / programs with the same name will be
5) Press OK and remove the key.
SAVE recipes / programs from Oven on USB:
1) Insert the USB key.
2) Access the Programs menu
3) Open the drawer and select the symbol
(save on USB)
Wait for completion of the save procedure.
4) Press OK and remove the key.
For the Manage Programs and Manage Categories buttons, see
the next sections.
This function allows the programs to be managed using the fol-
lowing buttons:
- Select All = to select all programs in all categories.
- Show Selected = to select only the required programs.
- Show Categories = to select the categories with previously
selected programs.
By opening the drawer it is possible to upload, save, delete and
link Programs to Categories; for this function, see the next section
Manage Categories.
The "Upoad from USB" and "Download to USB" buttons work in a
similar way to those of the Standard programs (see the previous
section "Download / Upload PROGRAMS") with the possibility
of saving only the required programs, selecting them in the list.
The Categories function is used to create a link between programs
that have a common use. For example, it is possible to create
the "Christmas" category and link it to all the programs that will
be part of the Christmas menu. A program can belong to several
After creating the Category, press the "New Category" button and
the programs can be combined by entering "Manage Programs"
from the Drawer (see below).
Link/Unlink Programs to Categories
1) Enter the drawer and press the Manage Programs.
2) Select the programs to be Linked/Unlinked to the category.
3) Re-open the drawer and press the Link/Unlink to Category button.
4) Select the category/categories for Linking/Unlinking the pro-



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