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Electrolux 267752 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 31

Gas steam/convection ovens
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4.4.6 FSC (Food Safe Control)
The FOOD SAFE CONTROL (FSC) is a device enabling the
microbiological SAFE condition
of the food to be controlled during cooking.
Depending on the chosen food category (HIGH risk or
STANDARD risk), during cooking the FSC recognises the moment
when the food reaches an acceptable sanitisation level for its
SAFE consumption.
The cooking results can be shown on the DISPLAY.
The process requires strict compliance with proper food processing
practices according to the rules of hygiene,
before and after cooking.
Cooking using the FSC does not sanitise bad or deteriorated
food, which remains so even after cooking.
To use the FSC, set a cooking cycle as described above.
Always insert the CORE PROBE even with TIMED cooking cycles.
The FSC is composed of 2 categories:
FSC-STANDARD risk cooking: for foods having a
low contamination level. (e.g. whole pieces of beef)
FSC-HIGH risk cooking: for foods having a high
contamination level. (e.g. roulades of meat, mince-
meat, poultry, pork, fi sh)
Set the HIGH or STANDARD risk category in the UTILITIES
drawer and press "START" to start.
In this way, cooking with the FSC starts; if the safe condition is
reached during cooking, a confi rmation will appear next to the
FSC symbol:
F: 0.0
The Pasteurization factor F with value reached will also appear
(if set).
If, on the other hand, cooking does not end in a safe condition,
the FSC warns with a dialogue window and requests ending of
the cycle automatically or manually by the user.
At the end (in one way or the other), the following will appear:
FSC 
for positive result
for negative result
The core probe allows accurate control of the core temperature
of the product being cooked. This enables setting of the required
value ( from 50°F to 210°F) (from 10°C to 99°C) and automatic
stopping of cooking when that value is reached.
Attention: The core probe is a precision component. Absolutely
avoid impacts, forcing when inserting, and pulling of the fl exible
cable (in particular when using the trolley-mounted structures).
The warranty does not cover the replacement of core probes
damaged by improper use.
After selecting the time icon select that of the core probe and
press START to start the cycle.
- Wait until the compartment temperature fi eld indicates reaching
of preheating (the message LOAD appears).
- Open the door and introduce the product to be cooked.
Attention! Risk of burns.
Always open the door with caution when the oven is hot.
1) Remove the core probe "A" from its seat "B" and insert it in
the product without forcing excessively, making sure the tip (the
sensitive part) is positioned near the centre of the product.
MULTIPOINT 6-sensor core probe
The oven is equipped with a MULTIPOINT core probe with 6
sensors along the entire stem, for correctly measuring the product
core temperature even if the tip is not completely in the centre.
- Close the door and press the START button.
2) Stopping the cycle. When the required product core tempe-
rature is reached the oven stops automatically and the elapsed
cooking cycle time is displayed.
3) Core probe mode deactivation. Set a cooking time on the
. This action automatically cuts out the core probe,
whereas it is the opposite when the time is set.
The core probe mode is also deactivated when the oven is
switched off.
With vacuum packed food products it is necessary to use the
special external core probe (accessory available on request), to
be connected to the USB socket. For its use, see the instructions
included with the accessory.
At the end of the set time, the cooking cycle automatically stops
and the oven buzzer sounds continuously.
The display shows the message:
Several parameters such as the following are also displayed:
- total time
- FSC a bar with relevant result will appear if set.
Open the door and remove the product.
Attention! Risk of burns.
Always open the door with caution when the oven is hot.
- The buzzer can be stopped in advance by carrying out any
operation on the control panel or by opening the door.
The cooking cycled can be manually stopped by keeping
the STOP button pressed for a few seconds.
A cycle identical to that just completed can be repeated by
pressing the START button again.



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