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Care And Cleaning - Electrolux TWSL6IE300 User Manual

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• Use distilled water like that used for
steam ironing. If it is necessary, clean
the distilled water before (e.g. with a
coffee filter) to remove any particles.
• Always keep the airflow slots at the
bottom of the appliance clear.


14.1 Cleaning the filter
At the end of each cycle the message
Clean the lint filter comes on the
display and you must clean the filter.
The filter collects the fluff
during the drying cycle.
1. Open the door. Pull the filter up.
2. Push the hook to open the filter.
3. Use a moist hand to clean both parts
of the filter.
• Make sure there is good airflow where
the appliance is to be installed.
4. If necessary, clean the filter with a
vacuum cleaner. Close the filter.
5. If necessary, remove fluff from the
filter socket and gasket. You can use
a vacuum cleaner. Place the filter
back inside the filter socket.
14.2 Emptying the water
Empty the condensed water container
after each drying cycle.
If the condensed water container is full,
the programme stops automatically. The
message Water Tank Warning comes
on the display and you must empty the
water container.
To empty the water container:



Table of Contents