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Electrolux TWSL6IE300 User Manual page 26

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Table of Contents
1. Pull the water container out keeping
it in a horizontal position.
2. Pull the plastic connection out and
drain the water into a basin or
equivalent receptacle.
3. Push the plastic connection back in
and place the water container back
into position.
4. To continue the programme press
the Start/Pause button.
14.3 Cleaning the condenser
If the message Clean the heat
exchanger area comes on the display,
inspect the condenser and its
compartment. If it is dirty, clean it. Do the
check not less than once a 6 months.
Do not touch the metal
surface with bare hands.
Risk of injury. Wear
protective gloves. Clean
carefully to avoid damaging
the metal surface.
To inspect:
1. Open the door. Pull the filter up.
2. Open the condenser cover.
3. Turn the lever to unlock the
condenser lid.
4. Lower the condenser lid.
5. If necessary, remove the fluff from
the condenser and its compartment.
You can use a wet cloth and/or a
vacuum cleaner with a brush



Table of Contents