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Honeywell Miller Scorpion Manual page 5

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Miller .Cable .Falcon
Normal .condition .of .use:
Vertical application, with the self-retracting lifeline mounted above the worker's head.
Specific .condition .of .use .(Miller Falcon horizontal):
The Miller Falcon (MP) series of self-retracting lifelines are approved for use in horizontal applications. Horizontal
use application requires the use of a steel anchorage sling, part number 1002897, (6.4mm dia. x 1 meter long)
attached between the lifeline snap hook and the user's harness attachment point.
Warning: . .
Not .using .the .steel .anchorage .sling .in .a .horizontal .use .application .could .result .in .lifeline .cable .shear .due .
to .the .90 .degree .bend .of .the .lifeline .over .a .sharp .edge .
The .following .should .be .considered .during .Miller .Falcon .horizontal .use: . .
• The maximum arrest distance recorded in testing is 2.25m.
• There could be in increased swing fall potential.
• The locking speed of the SRL may vary in the event of a fall, due to friction between the lifeline and the platform
• The SRL may lock up quicker than the workers walking pace and thus cause a fall by jerking the worker off
• Lifeline abrasion on work platforms and/or surfaces.
Warning: . .
Do .not .mount .self-retracting .lifelines .below .foot .level .
Inclined .use: .
Miller self-retracting lifelines are not approved for inclined use.



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