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Honeywell Miller Scorpion Manual page 4

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RETRACTABLE .LIFELINE .Personal .Protection .Equipment
Conforming .to .standard .EN .360:2002 .RETRACTABLE .FALL .ARRESTER
This User Data Sheet is an addendum to the Retractable Lifeline User Manual (EN 360). Please refer to the manual
Materials .used:
Retractable lanyard: polyamide
Absorber: internal strap: polyester, and external
strap: polyamide
Cleaning .of .PPE .and .strap: .
It is advisable to clean the PPE regularly and more
specifically the strap, using soapy water. Any other
cleaning method should be avoided.
Drying method: allow to dry naturally and well away
from any direct fire or any source of heat, any parts that
have absorbed moisture either during use or during
Product .life .duration: .
The maximal life of PPE that is predominantly textile
is evaluated as being 10 years after the date of manu-
Transport .& .storage: .
The PPE should be suspended for transport or storage,
and kept in a suitably ventilated place away for damp
and UVs.
Bear in mind before and during use that it is essential
to visualize the way any rescue assignments can be
carried out efficiently and safely.
This .PPE .has .been .put .through .testing .as .per .
standard .EN .360:2002 .RETRACTABLE .LIFELINE .
On the back of the PPE is its description, the standard to which it conforms, a pictogram 'i' indicating that the
user should refer to the User Manual, the CE followed by the number of the notified organization in charge of
annual inspection - AFAQ, the recommended use, the serial number and the date of manufacture.
Miller .Scorpion, .Miller .Falcon
Complementary .User .Data .Sheet
supplied with the PPE to obtain all the recommendations.
Antichute à rappel automatique
Rectractable life line
Use : vertical
Utilisation : verticale
Norme: EN360
Serial n°: 20052603/ 029
WW/YY : 44/03



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