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Heat/Cool Switch (Optional Pcb) - Panasonic WH-UD05JE5 Service Manual

Air-to-water hydromodule + tank
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Heater ON/OFF function is use to turn OFF the heater (backup heater & booster heater) when there is energy or
electric current limitation. Heat pump and other optional function still can operate.
Control detail:
This External Compressor Switch is possible to connect to Optional PCB only.
Once the remocon select External Compressor Switch connection "YES", & Dip Switch on PCB "ON"
This heater ON/OFF function will activate
When the External Compressor Switch is ON:
Heat pump and heater operate normally
When the External Compressor Switch is OFF:
Backup heater and booster heater cannot operate even heater request is ON.
Heat pump and option function (Solar, Boiler and zone control) can be operate follow normal control
(There is NO pop up screen like External Switch when this External Compressor Switch is OFF.)

14.26 Heat/Cool Switch (Optional PCB)

User can switch the running mode from heat to cool or cool to heat through external installed Heat/Cool switch.
This kind of heat / cool switch may built in inside the field supply room remocon as well.
Control contents:
Heat/Cool Switch can only be set when Cool Function is "enable" at custom menu setting, & Extension PCB
select "YES" & Zone 1 not set "Pool" condition.
This heat/cool switch control will be activate only when installer set the Heat/Cool Switch "USE" through remocon.
Once the Heat/Cool Switch Set "USE", remocon will check indoor send Signal to judge the option of mode select.
When Heat/Cool Switch Contact Open : Remocon only can select Heat Mode, or Heat + Tank Mode, or Tank
When Heat/Cool Switch Contact Close : Remocon only can select Cool Mode, or Cool + Tank Mode, or Tank
Operation ON/OFF will depend on remocon request.
When Heat Mode is running with Contact Open, user change this setting to contact close, indoor will this signal to
remocon judge and change mode to cool and send back to indoor. And it is same as from cool mode change to
heat mode.
* This switch have higher priority, remocon follow indoor send signal when control activated.
* There is no effect to the operation when the mode running is only Tank Mode.
(Weekly Timer are ignored and cannot be set during Heat / Cool Switch is "Enable" Condition.)

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